James-Lee Consultancy for International Students

With offices in London and Hong Kong, James-Lee Consultancy (JLC) was founded in 2010 as an Educational Consultancy and an AEGIS-accredited guardianship services provider in the UK. Over the last ten years, we have provided unique one-stop solutions to over 2,000 families.​

James-Lee consultancy services in the United Kingdom include:

β€’     Academic mentoring and private tuition School placement into the best UK boarding schools Guardianship Services.

β€’     assuring the student’s safety and well-being.

β€’     Homestay and accommodation placement Academic mentoring and private tuition.

We offer an exclusive customized service for ambitious students as UK education brokers in Hong Kong, and we give carefully crafted support to guarantee your child achieves their maximum potential. We also assist kids in preparing for admission tests at various levels.

Our dedicated UK education advisers can assist students in improving their interview abilities, allowing them to communicate their narrative and gain acceptance to their top choice colleges.

We also provide online coaching for those who need to concentrate on specific subjects (GCSE, A-Levels, UKiset and IELTS).


Which school is the most superior? Which schools provide superior support for students with special needs? Which schools have the most British pupils from the area? Which university has the most overseas students?

These are common concerns among worried parents. Our knowledgeable education advisers and comprehensive school database can assist you in navigating all of these issues so that you can make the best option possible.


We are UK education professionals who work as a team of UK education agents in Hong Kong with extensive expertise putting students in a variety of educational institutions including prep, senior, state, and university settings.

As a result, we can go beyond traditional organizations and assist people who qualify in selecting appropriate comprehensive, state, and grammar schools.

Tutors from leading UK universities will help you achieve academic greatness.

The results of a student’s GCSE or IGCSE exams are an important stage in their educational path. Students have a direct impact on a variety of factors, including which topics and qualifications they pursue next, their eligibility for their preferred institutions and schools, and, ultimately, their future employment prospects. Online tuition is available for a variety of GCSE courses from the AQA, EdExcel, and OCR syllabuses.

We provide online tutoring for the following GCSE courses:

β€’       GCSE Biology

β€’       GCSE Physics

β€’       GCSE Chemistry

β€’       GCSE Combined Science

β€’       GCSE Mathematics

β€’       GCSE English

β€’       GCSE English Literature

What exactly are GCSEs?

In the United Kingdom, most secondary school pupils take the GCSE, or “General Certificate of Secondary Schooling,” at the completion of their 11th year of compulsory education. The GCSE is an internationally recognized qualification issued in a single subject, and most students take them in many areas such as Biology, English, Physics, and Math.

Establish a strong intellectual foundation.

Employers frequently insist that job seekers pass the GCSE (or IGCSE) English and Math requirements. Having an igcse online tutor in Hong Kong for your child is a fantastic method to ensure that they stay on track to achieve their future educational and career goals.

GCSE tutors with years of experience in Hong Kong

One of the most significant benefits of hiring an IGCSE or GCSE online tutor in Hong Kong is their knowledge of these important subjects. Recognizing this pressure, our skilled tutors devote themselves to honing students’ skills so that they may tackle their assignments and exams with the utmost confidence and preparedness.

To Conclude

Whether a student requires further assistance with a single course chapter or topic, assistance with reviewing material, a confidence boost before tests, or a comprehensive program to assist them in achieving a good mark in one or more courses, we can help. You may feel certain that your child’s tutoring support is in good hands because at James-Lee Consultancy we have a staff of qualified, qualified tutors from the Russell Group and Oxbridge.

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