The Benefits of Study Abroad Programs for College Students

Studying abroad can be a life-changing experience for college students. It provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in a different culture, learn a new language, and gain valuable skills that can be used in both… View Post

High School Students and Mental Health: Tips for Parents

It’s common for high school students to experience mental health struggles, and just as common for them to avoid seeking help. However, it can be difficult for parents who aren’t experts in psychology or psychiatry… View Post

Staying Healthy as a Student

Pot Noodles and Jägerbombs. That’s the main diet of a student, right? After all, there’s usually a bit of dried veg in a Pot Noodle, so it’s practically a salad, isn’t it? While a junk-food-eating-booze-downing… View Post

How to find room for students in New York?

As a college student or young professional, your best bet is to focus on large apartment listing sites that cater to the needs of students. Finding a place to live in New York can be… View Post

James-Lee Consultancy for International Students

With offices in London and Hong Kong, James-Lee Consultancy (JLC) was founded in 2010 as an Educational Consultancy and an AEGIS-accredited guardianship services provider in the UK. Over the last ten years, we have provided… View Post

Advice for Parents – Getting ready for university

Getting the kids ready for university is such a bittersweet time. You will feel extremely proud of your child as they have achieved so much in just getting a place, anxious for them as they… View Post

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