Creating The Gaming Pad You Deserve

Gaming is something a lot of people have turned to during the pandemic. From allowing us to go outside virtually, to connecting with people all over the globe with the same interests as us, gaming can be a wonderful medium! And by now, you’ve probably gotten into gaming in a big way, and you’re wondering what you can do to make your home a little more suited for it. 

After all, unplugging and moving the console every day is annoying, and it’s hard to game on a PC you share with the kids. And because of setups like these, it’s time to dedicate a little time and thought to your dream gaming pad – here are some ideas to get you started. 

The Right Monitor Setup

You’ve got one monitor, and that seems just fine, right? Well, it’ll be much easier to play a game and/or keep up with your favorite show or a social media account if you had two monitors. Not to mention a dual display is easier to set up than ever, and most PCs come with inbuilt support for it. 

A Responsive Keyboard

A keyboard that’s both easy to use and see is key when you’re trying to game more often. When the kids have gone to bed and it’s dark out, and you don’t want to be too loud or keep the lights on, a responsive keyboard is going to save you! Buy something that’s ‘backlit’ and you won’t be using as much of your energy bill up as you used to. 

And if you’ve got some Tactile Switches installed as well, you’ll be able to both feel and hear the keys clearly whenever you press them. That certainly helps when you’re trying to improve your K/D in any combat orientated games, or if you’re a big fan of online shooters. 

Adding in Lighting

Lighting is a big part of the perfect gaming pad. Most people tend to invest in RGB strip lighting, which is customisable and looks very, very cool, but you don’t have to. Even just a few candles dotted around, or a couple of small, intimate table lamps can help your late night gaming routine seem much cozier. 

Choosing the Perfect System

Finally, let’s ask: are you a PC or a console gamer? Maybe you’ve heard your kids have this argument in the past? Well, you don’t have to pick a side totally, but if you do, it’ll be a lot cheaper for you and help you to set up in record time. 

Most people tend to plump for PC, as it’s much more capable and has many, many dual functions. Even building your own PC could open you up to a whole new world of hobbies, and it’s certainly something the kids will want to get involved in as well! 

Creating a gaming pad that’s perfect for you might just be what you need right now. Make sure you keep ideas like those above in mind.

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