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The video game industry is one of the biggest markets in the world. In recent years, the market for video games has exploded, no doubt aided by the COVID-19 pandemic that has kept many of us cooped up at home for long periods of time.

With such a large captive audience, gaming developers are searching for ways to build on their massive success. These companies have invested hundreds of millions of pounds for technological innovations that promise to take our gaming experience to greater heights.

Whilst many gaming platforms require some sort of investment such as purchasing a console, there are many places that offer free online gaming such as They offer over 100 games for anyone to play in many categories.

Let us take a look at five of the most popular game genres in the industry that we expect will continue to shape the landscape for years to come.

1. Adventure Games

Adventure games are a great entry-point for beginners of all stages. One of the best examples for this genre is Zelda series, which has been pumping out games for more than 30 years—almost all of which are acclaimed in lists of the best and most popular games of the year.

The involving storylines of such games and the ability to shift to a more action-oriented or role-playing game-oriented style, depending on your style or preference, is a key factor in this genre’s enduring popularity among children and adults.

2. Racing Games

The development of motion controls that allow players to steer by shifting the way they hold their controller, instead of pressing a button, has been a boon to racing games. Because motion sensor technology is standard in modern smartphones and tablets, racing games are as simple as ever to play.

Racing games draw in serious car enthusiasts, as well as casual fans due to the player-friendliness of their controls. Pretty much anyone can pick up a racing game and be serviceable in just a few minutes, making games like Mario Kart an extremely popular choice for parties.

3. Simulation Games

Most typified by The Sims series, these games allow players to simulate the real world in a virtual space. Because simulation games cater more to the creative side of players with almost no need for the mechanical skill, hardcore and casual players enjoy simulation games for their low-intensity, but highly rewarding gameplay.

These games are the easiest for stereotypical non-gamers to pick up, as it requires no gaming background to play. Similar to our times as children playing in a sandbox, playing games like The Sims allows us to get in touch with our creative side. 

If you want someone in your life who hates video games to understand their appeal, simulation games are at the top of our list of games for you to recommend.

4. Battle Royale Games

Popularized by games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds (PubG) and Fortnite Battle Royale, this genre is a recent development. Essentially, players from all over the globe are dropped into one environment where they can fight to become the final survivor. 

Because of the large fields possible in such games, the necessary skill to pilot your character requires a little luck to navigate endless waves of enemies and obstacles, adding to the complexity and popularity of this game genre.

5. Sports Games

Due to the popularity of sports, especially during the lockdown, sports games are becoming even more popular. This is almost hard to believe, given the long history of tie-ups between the sporting world and video game companies. 

One innovation that has led to sports games’ resurgence in recent years is the introduction of role-playing game (RPG) elements. Whereas before, all players had to do with sports games in the 1990s was to commandeer a team to victory, players today can create their own player and immerse themselves in a narrative of their own making.

It’s one thing to press buttons to will your team to win the championship; it’s much more satisfying to see your created character start out at the bottom, and build him into a championship player.


Expect the popularity of different genres of online games to continue to change with every passing year as the preferences of each demographic changes.

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