(NOW CLOSED) GIVEAWAY – Mystery women’s box of goodies. Winner – Zoe Bishop

It’s March again, the start of Spring and hopefully moving towards the end of lockdown. What better way to start the month than a little giveaway.

As many of you know, I get a lot of stuff, in subscription boxes and other gifts such as for Christmas. Very often I’ll get things that I know I won’t use, therefore I don’t open them and instead put them all in my little bucket.

Yes it’s overflowing and there’s no room for much else. So I’m giving some of it away. I’ll be doing a few of these give aways. You can’t see everything that’s in there but the combined total is worth £100s.

I’ll be selecting a few items for one winner and putting them in a box. Each prize being worth at least £30. Items include beauty, make up and home ware items mainly. You may or may not get some of the items that are visible in the picture.

Everything is new, unused, unopened. I’d never give away anything used.

Winner – Zoe Bishop

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