How to Take the Stress Out of Home Schooling

So many parents have found themselves homeschooling their kids over the past year. This unexpected scenario has left many mums and dads concerned about their children’s education and feeling pretty stressed out. The fact that the kids have been back to school on and off has made things even more challenging for both parents and kids to adjust to the rapidly changing situation. 

If you are finding homeschooling your kids really difficult, then you are not alone. Many parents are feeling the strain of juggling working from home alongside helping their kids keep learning. Hopefully, these tips will help to reduce the stress of homeschooling and make your life a little easier:

Make a Plan

If you are finding that your days keep descending into chaos, you may find it easier to plan ahead for the following day. Don’t worry; this doesn’t mean that you should put together a detailed timetable. But, deciding what the kids will be working on the next day will make it so much easier to get the kids set up and ready to work each morning and will ease some of the pressure on you.

Deal With Internet Issues

Technical issues have plagued many families during the lockdown. These issues make homeschooling and trying to work from home incredibly challenging. If you have been experiencing buffering during Zoom calls and the frustration of your internet connection dipping in and out, you may be desperate to resolve this issue. Researching different broadband packages and comparing their download and upload speeds should help you to find the perfect broadband solution for you and put an end to your internet woes.

Take Plenty of Breaks

If possible, you may find it easier to try and stick to a regular routine for your homeschooling to try and keep the kids’ work hours within the typical school day. Getting into a routine has the benefit of allowing plenty of time for breaks and will help to ensure that the kids are not continually demanding snacks when they need to complete their work.

Get Some Fresh Air

Getting out into the fresh air during the day is essential for both your wellbeing and the kids’ too. Being stuck indoors all-day can really add to the stress of the situation. So, making time to get outside and have some fun will help the kids to let off some steam and give you the opportunity to refresh your energy.

Be Kind to Yourself

Are you growing tired of seeing constant social media posts from parents with perfect homeschooling set-ups, showcasing the impressive work their kids have been completing? If so, try not to compare yourself to them and be assured that these posts are just a snapshot of their day and are not the whole picture. If it helps, take a break from social media, but most importantly, be kind to yourself. Knowing that you are doing your best under challenging circumstances is enough, so you should not put yourself under unnecessary pressure.

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