5 Ways To Entertain Your Kids In Lockdown

At the best of times, parenting can be a struggle. During a pandemic, it can feel like climbing up mount Everest every day. Whether it’s home-schooling or just entertainment during a lockdown, many parents are looking for tips and tricks to help things go more smoothly. Hopefully, this guide will give you some ideas to keep your kids entertained. And even if you’re not parenting in a lockdown, you might find some inspiration for fun things to do with your little ones! 

1. Set yourselves a challenge

Now, this isn’t as serious as it sounds. If your children are small, you challenge yourselves to draw a picture of a fairy or a horse every day for a month. If you stick them up on the wall, you can see how you progress! For older kiddies, pick something that may interest them. It could be that they’d like to be able to name all the states in the US, learn the names of their favourite dinosaurs, or complete a 1,000 piece puzzle! From gymnastics to drawing – embrace their hobbies and pick something that will motivate you all to do a little something every day. 

2. Collect their favourite toys

Now’s the time to give in to mounds of plastic toys and games — a pandemic is undoubtedly an unsettling time to be a child, so create a safe space for them to play in. That could be the corner of their bedroom or a whole area of the living room dedicated to them, or a box that can be unpacked. Find toys that will inspire your children to use their imaginations and give them the space to be kids. Maybe that means you buy your transforming jett super wings toy or pull old barbies from when you were younger – whatever your child enjoys is best.

3. Dens

Creating dens is one of the most fun activities you can do with children. Maybe you even remember doing them with your own parents? Well, it’s time to let go of your precious feelings towards the sofa cushions and let your children flex their building muscles. 

4. Get cooking

With some time to kill at home, now’s a great time to teach your child the way around the kitchen. Whether you’re a master chef or not, you can teach your child how to peel vegetables, stir a cake batter or crack an egg. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can offer the kids a cookbook and promise to make whatever they’d like! Now’s the time for embracing the mess and enjoying the time you have together. 

5. Video call

Yes, that means another screen, but it also allows your children to interact with other people outside your household or bubble. Give them quality time with grandparents or cousins who they may not have seen for a while, and encourage them to practice their social skills. If conversation dries up, you could try one of the hundreds of interactive games online!

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