How Can I Make My Front Door More Inviting?

The front door is an important part of the curb appeal of a house. Front doors are important parts of the structural and decorative design of any home. An attractive front door makes a home safe and enhances its curb appeal. All the exterior doors, including the front door design, should be chosen carefully as the design of your front door and presents the style of your home.

Therefore, homeowners should pay special attention while designing their front door or choosing a new door for their home. Let us explore some tips to make your front door more attractive and inviting.

The material of the Door

The four primary materials used to make the front or side entrance are fiberglass, wood, steel, and aluminum. A modern front door system might combine two or more of these components. Each of these materials is available in a variety of textures and colors, and two or more ingredients can be combined for a truly unique look. In addition, you can choose different finishes for the interior and exterior surfaces of the door.

Aluminum and fiberglass front doors generally provide better insulation against the elements than wooden doors, but most heat loss is tusually caused by air leaks rather than doors. When you choose a door, the quality of the construction of the door is as important as the quality of the design that connects the door and the frame. The weather seals must be properly sealed, and the threshold should close easily with the bottom edge of the door.

Discreet Design

A “hidden” front entrance that mixes with the elevation can offer an elegant look to the entrance of your home. This solution is especially effective for houses with a clean, and contemporary architecture. It also works well on projects where external materials are being used to make the main design statement. If the outside of the house is covered, it is very exciting to be able to hide the door inside the wall finish.


Natural wood is always beautiful, but bold colors such as orange, red, blue and green, high-gloss black, and stainless steel have been popular in recent years. Using colorful wood is best for your front door, if you want to make a slightly bigger statement. When choosing colors, you should keep in mind the local atmosphere and style of your community as well as the design of your home.

Use the glazing

Incorporating glass into your front entrance – whether in the form of a glass panel or sidelights – together with establishing a unique visual character on the outside – will help to bathe your corridor with a natural shine.

If the height is available, you can also add a panel above the door. For a contemporary and asymmetrical appearance, the inclusion of glass on only one side of the opening can also work well.

Modern aluminum front doors look impressive from the outside, but inside they are very dark and simple, so the glass is a good way to add some illumination. You can get the double-glazing aluminum doors from Aussie Aluminium Enterprise if you are located in Australia.

Size of the door

The doors are often centered on the front elevation, so a large panel makes it strong and safe. It indicates that the homeowners are proud of their home.

Of course, a large panel is suitable only if the house is large enough to accommodate a large opening. If you are willing to include an oversized entrance, remember that the dimensions will still need to work proportionally to that of the house.

Safety standards

The other absolutely important thing to think about when choosing the front door is that it will provide security.

Most thieves enter through the front door. Therefore, you also want to make sure that your new door has been dug properly and will keep you as safe as possible. The codes are set by the government to help you secure your door with all security measures.

We don’t normally think of front doors as security measures, but they really are. Aussie Aluminium Enterprise can provide the resources, tools, and hardware you need. These professionals can help you determine your exact requirements and guide you through installation. They have been offering aluminum doors and windows across Australia for more than 20 years.

Whether you want a sliding window, double glazing windows, sliding doors, or any other design, you can trust Aussie Aluminum for the best material and quality.

Final Words

These are the tips to make a front door more attractive and welcoming. The key to finding the best doors is to do adequate research and choose strong materials like aluminum. Also, choosing the right design makes them convenient to operate by your family members and offers you great security for your home. Following the tips in this post can help homeowners to choose the right door or make their existing doors attractive and inviting.

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