Surprising Ways To Care For Your Skin

We all know the importance of good skincare. Many of us follow good habits to ensure our skin remains fresh and smooth, and most of us take precautions against anything that could cause us problems in the future. 

However, when it comes to skincare, there are a few things you may not have considered. In fact, you might find the suggestions we give you ‘surprising,’ so read on for some tips that might be new to you. 

#1: Wear sun cream…indoors!

When the sun is blazing hot outdoors, we wear sun cream to protect ourselves from the powerful UV rays. However, we should wear it indoors too. UV rays can also penetrate the windows in your home or workplace, so you are still at risk of hyperpigmentation problems such as wrinkling and sunspots. The same applies in your car where one side of your face will be more exposed than the other. While there is hyperpigmentation treatment available to restore your skin after sun damage, it is still advisable to wear a layer of sun cream inside if you are directly near the sun shining through your windows. 

#2: Get a proper night’s sleep

There are all kinds of reasons why we need a good night’s sleep. For one, we will have more energy during the day if we have slept well during the night. And another reason for a decent nights sleep is to counter any damaging effects to our skin. According to dermatology experts, there are short and long-term effects of sleep deprivation. You will already know that one effect is dark circles under the eyes, but you are also at risk of skin breakouts and signs of ageing if you don’t get enough shuteye due to the added cortisol that is produced when your body is overly tired. So, forego those late nights with your Netflix binges, and go to bed at a reasonable time to ensure you get your beauty sleep. Use good Wrinkle Creams as part of your night time routine to help restore tired skin.

#3: Replace your medication

Many of us rely on medication for one reason or another, but unfortunately, some medications can cause skin reactions. Some antibiotics and oral contraceptives can cause skin breakouts. Antihistamines and certain types of antidepressants can cause dry skin. And some medications can make us prone to sun damage. So, consider the medications you are taking. If you notice any adverse effects, speak to your doctor. It might be that a smaller dosage will help, or it could be that there are other medications available to you that will make you less prone to skin problems.

#4: Drink green tea

There are many health benefits to drinking green tea, including those associated with the heart and the brain. Green tea is often included in the best weight loss supplements and can be a great aid to losing weight. There are also skin benefits, as the ingredients within green tea can prevent skin ageing, treat oily skin, clear clogged pores, and provide some protection from the sun. You can find out more here. So, it might be that you decide to swap out your regular tea or coffee drink for this skin-enhancing alternative, for both skincare and other health benefits.

Do you have any other surprising skincare tips? If so, leave us a comment in the box below.

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