5 ways to overcome greasy hair

Along with how to overcome dry hair, our stylists at NUYUare most often asked about how to address greasy hair. While there are some easy tips for improving greasy hair that will save you time – such as avoiding the daily wash – there are other moves you can make along the way. Here we guide you through the five top ways to improve that greasy hair, even if you cannot bear to go a day without washing.

Tip One: Choose your products super carefully

If you want to avoid greasy or dry hair, it is essential to choose your shampoo and conditioner carefully. Here is a shocking fact from our stylists: avoid any shampoo and conditioner labelled with the words β€œdry” β€œdamaged” β€œsmoothing” or β€œglossy”. While this might have stripped away all your faith in the labelling of hair care products, all these shampoos and conditioners do is coat your hair with a fine film. They will do nothing to deal with the cause of the problem and instead leave you prone to greasier looking hair. These products will also add oil to your hair, leaving it looking dull.

Tip Two: Use purifying shampoo and only a smidge of conditioner

Likely, your greasy hair is more a consequence of oil from your scalp than from your hair. Therefore, you should use a purifying shampoo, as this will help remove the excel oil. If you use this every week and then use your preferred shampoo and conditioner for the rest of the week, you will end up with nourished hair and scalp.

When you do shampoo, make sure you do not squeeze too much out onto your hand. Shampoos are quite heavy and put too much in, and you are unlikely to rinse all of it out. The best advice we can offer is to only put a blob of shampoo the size of a 10p on your hand. If you don’t feel this is enough, you can do two washes rather than one – but do not put more on in one go and expect a good result.

While using shampoo every day isn’t really the best policy, using conditioner daily is a crime against your hair. Your conditioner bottle should last much longer than your shampoo, as you should be using it sparingly. When you do condition, you should only be using it on the ends of your hair, getting nowhere near the roots. If you use your conditioner to detangle your hair, you might find yourself going high up the strand. However, you are opening the door to greasy looking hair.

Tip Three: You are what you eat

It is easy to rely on products to save us from our lifestyle choices. However, we are essentially an input-output biological machine, and what we put in will affect how we feel and look. If we insist on eating lots of greasy food with little nutritional value, then we are asking for troublesome hair. As with everything about our body, our hair will work better if you feed it fruit, legumes and vegetables and keep yourself hydrated.

You can also look at your food cupboard for some natural products that counter greasy hair. Apple cider vinegar diluted with some water is an excellent way to treat your hair. When you have made your mix of apple cider vinegar and water in a cup, pour it through your hair and leave it for a few minutes. It will remove any build-up and leave you feeling thoroughly cleansed. 

Why not just buy a product designed to do the same thing? Well, apple cider vinegar only costs a couple of quid rather than something closer to a tenner.

Tip Four: Go retro

OK, this one might blow your mind a little. The old-fashioned route to non-greasy hair is to use baby powder as a replacement for your dry shampoo. The baby powder will work if you sprinkle it on your roots and rub it in. If you have dark hair, it is probably best to do this after you are home for the night or mix some cocoa with the baby powder. Not only will your hair end up feeling fantastic, but you will also smell delicious too! If that sound too weird, just go for the dry shampoo instead.

Tip Five: Stop shampooing every day

Yes, we started by saying that these tips will help you to avoid greasy hair even if you wash every day. However, really, honestly, we promise, you do not need to wash daily, and you are doing more harm than good to your locks.

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