6 decoration musts for your child’s bedroom

A child’s bedroom is important. It’s somewhere they should feel safe, creative and able to sleep comfortably. If it feels dark, boring or stuffy it won’t feel like home – they may have trouble sleeping or cry in the night.

So, it’s important to decorate your child’s bedroom in fun and creative ways. Here are a few decoration musts. 

Fun lighting

Lighting can add a lot of character to a child’s room. LED strip lighting, for example, can be attached underneath surfaces or cabinets to add a bright or subtle glow. Multicolour ones are particularly popular with children, and can work well if they’re afraid of the dark. Many children also like fairly lights or lamps in the shape of animals. Rock salt lamps or lava lamps can also add a fun, colourful vibe to any room.

A feature wall

It’s not a good idea to have busy wallpaper covering the entire room. Busy walls can make a room feel cramped and stressful. However, having one feature wall with bright colours or funky wallpaper is a great idea. Allowing your child to choose their print and colour combo will make them feel in control of their own space and influence their creativity. Animal prints are always a favourite.  

Cool furniture

The great thing about a child’s space is that it doesn’t have to be conventional. While you might want normal furniture in the rest of the house, they can be a little more selective. You want them to feel totally comfortable in their space, so let them go wild. Think beds with slides, beanbag chairs and desks in cool shapes. A bedroom that feels fun and playful will boost your child’s mood and help them to look after their things.


It’s important to let your child decorate their space however they like. A great way to personalise a room is to allow them to put up pictures or posters of their favourite things. So, help them find some that they like. Posters of their favourite bands, films and stories will encourage them to think about their interests. If you’re worried about tack marks, try framing them or putting them on a pin board.  

Fluffy rugs

Your child will probably be running around barefoot in their room. So, it’s important to make sure the space is soft and comfortable. What better way to do so than having some fluffy rugs? Find colours that complement the room and help the space to feel warm and safe. Your child will love lying on them and feeling the softness beneath their feet. Word of warning: cream will get dirty. Go for darker colours to avoid stains. 


While you might have a separate games room for most of your child’s toys, it’s important for them to have one or two in their bedroom. Toys provide comfort to children and they’ll sleep better knowing they’re there. If you’re worried about mess, invest in a cabinet or box so they can all be kept in one place.

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