7 Storage ideas for a child’s bedroom

One of the hardest places to keep organized in your house is your child’s room. With all those toys, how do you keep them all in order? In truth, though, you have options to store your child’s toys in a way that is neat and organized.

1. Shelving

First, you will want to invest in some shelving for storage in your kid’s room. This is great for keeping things off the floor and organized easily. If your child has a lot of board games or books, you should definitely invest into shelving.

There are a lot of options when it comes to shelving. The simplest and most portable option is to use a bookshelf. This way, if you move or rearrange your child’s room, you can easily move the bookshelf without having to remove or replace any screws. If you are looking for a more permanent option, shelving built into an alcove can be aesthetically pleasing.

2. Keep Electronics Separate

A great idea is to keep your children’s electronics separate from the rest of their toys. For instance, a mobile gaming device doesn’t belong in a box with regular, traditional toys such as blocks. This is important, for one, because if you simply throw electronics in with other toys, you are increasing the chance that they will get broken or damaged.

When you separate your regular toys and electronics, you also avoid tangled cords. You should also keep your cords neatly wrapped to avoid tangles.

3. Use Labels

One of the easiest ways to organize toys is to use a label system. For many people, this brings to mind a very bland, almost industrialized idea of a white label with black text. However, you actually have a whole slew of options when it comes to labeling toys. Decorative tags are a great choice if you want a unique look. If you know your labels will need to change, you could also always try out chalkboard labels that you can erase and reuse as many times as needed. You can even design ones by yourself and order it online: www.wunderlabel.co.uk/printed-labels/bespoke-labels-with-own-logo

You can label your child’s toys however works best for your home. A common choice is to label them by their uses. For instance, a kite would be labeled as an “outside toy” while a rubber duck might be labeled a “bath toy.”

4. Stuffed Animals

The traditional way to store stuffed animals is usually to pile them on the bed. Then, during the night, the stuffed animals are either kept on the bed or on the floor next to the bed. This works fine if your child only has a handful of stuffed animals but it can get harder even if your child has a lot of stuffed animals. In these cases, your best bet might be a stuffed animal net in the corner of the room.

5. Clean the Closet

If you want to keep things organized in your child’s room, you should make sure to use the closet as storage as well. When you are hanging things up in your child’s closet or putting things away, keep it neat. You might just find that your child’s closet could hold more toys than you originally thought.

This can actually come back around to our other points. For instance, the shelving in a closet could be used to hold board games like we noted earlier. If you clear out the closet floor, though, it can also be the perfect place for a toy box.

6. Toy Box

One of the most basic points of toy storage is to keep your child’s toys in a toy box like we just mentioned. Here, you can keep all your basic toys that aren’t too fragile to be stored together. You can also use a toy box as a simple start to helping your child learn to stay cleaned up after playtime by simply telling them to pick up their toys and leave them in a box.

7. Rotate Your Toys

Finally, you shouldn’t be afraid to rotate toys in and out of your child’s bedroom. After all, if they are simply not using toys anymore, those toys are only taking up space. Don’t be afraid to store toys that your children aren’t playing with or even give them away to friends or donate them to save space and keep your child’s space organized. A great idea if you don’t want to get rid of the toys altogether is to box them up and store them in your attic or basement until you need them again.

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