6 Organisation Tips For A Tidy Bedroom

Clutter in the bedroom can be a big problem because it makes it very difficult to create the relaxing environment that you need. When your bedroom is messy and there is stuff all over the floor, you will find it a lot harder to relax and unwind, and that will have a big impact on your sleep. But if you follow these simple organisation tips, you can stay on top of the mess and make sure that your bedroom is always tidy. 

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Clear Out Your Wardrobe 

The first thing you should do when trying to organise your bedroom is clear out your wardrobe. We’re all guilty of buying things that we don’t really wear and then stuffing them in the back of the wardrobe or hanging on to things that we haven’t worn for years, just in case. But if your wardrobe is full to the brim with clothes that you don’t need, it’s a lot harder to find a place for everything. Go through your wardrobe item by item and get rid of anything that you haven’t worn recently. You can even sell some of those clothes online to make a bit of extra cash at the same time.

Update Your Furniture 

Once you have cleared out your wardrobe, you might find that you have a lot more storage than you actually need because half of it was filled with clutter. In that case, you can save space in the room by updating the furniture and getting rid of a few bits. You should also invest in space saving storage options, like built-in wardrobes or beds with storage drawers underneath. The key is to use clever storage options instead of filling the room with bulky furniture.

Change the flooring

Swap those dusty old carpets for a more modern approach and install solid wood flooring instead. This will give your bedroom a more fresher feel and if taken care of will make everything feel more vibrant and clean. Solid wood flooring comes in many choices of fit, colour and pattern.

Add Some Shelving

Now that all of your clothes are organised, you need to get on top of all of the little bits that usually end up cluttering the nightstand. If you don’t already have shelves in your bedroom, you should add a few. They’re perfect for books or jewellery boxes and you can make use of the vertical space in the room, which often goes unused. As long as you style them in the right way, they are a great aesthetic feature as well as a practical storage feature.

Use The Back Of The Door 

The back of the door is a great space that people don’t take advantage of. You can save a lot of space and stay on top of the mess if you put a hanging laundry basket on there. It’s also a great place to store bags or coats if you put a few hooks on there.

By using these simple organisation tips, you can stay on top of the mess in your bedroom and create a relaxing atmosphere.


Small storage boxes are a great way to organise your wardrobes and drawers. Instead of having a big pile of clothes, you can separate everything into neat sections, which saves you a lot of time when putting things away and also makes life easier when you are picking clothes in the morning. Storage boxes are also a great option for a child’s bedroom because it helps to keep all of their toys tidied away.

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