3 Tips For Caring For Your Houseplants As A Busy Mom

If you’re a mom who wants to have houseplants but worries about your ability to keep them alive and help them thrive when you’re leading such a busy life, you’ll be glad to know that there are things that you can do to help make this easier on yourself.

To help you see how this can be done, here are three tips for caring for your houseplants as a busy mom. 

Pick Plants Conducive To Your Lifestyle

Before you bring any plants into your life, you should first think about what you can reasonably handle with the type of lifestyle that you’re leading.

Some moms are busy because they work outside of the home. Others are busy because they have a lot of responsibilities with their kids and their communities. And still, for others, they might be busy for these reasons and a whole host of others. So depending on how busy you are and how often you spend time at home, you should choose a houseplant that’s going to fit into your lifestyle. 

Some houseplants require very little daily maintenance, while others need to be cared for in one way or another on a more consistent basis. By thinking about your lifestyle as you consider which plants to get, you’ll better be able to choose plants that you can give the type of care that they need without having to stretch yourself too thin. 

Try Different Watering Tricks

For plants that need to be watered on a schedule that you can usually keep up with but that might be forgotten amidst everything else on occasion, you should look into watering techniques that are a bit more hands-off. 

Water wicking is one method you might want to try. This consists of having a glass of water next to your plant with a cotton rope going into the plant and into the water so that water can travel through the rope and into the plant as is needed. You can also create your own drip irrigation systems that don’t need to be thought about as often as traditional watering. 

Share The Load Of Responsibility

If you want to give your houseplants all of the care they need, you might need to split some of the responsibilities of caring for these plants with various members of your family. For example, you can give your kids a spray bottle and have them be in charge of watering the houseplants each day. You could also assign someone else to rotate or reposition the houseplants as needed. And if repotting or pruning needs to take place, having a different family member do this can help to ease all of the burden off of your shoulders. 

If you’re a busy mom who has houseplants that might be falling by the wayside in their care, consider implementing some of the tips mentioned above to help you find solutions to some of your problems. 

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