Kitchen Makeover Ideas For The Frugal Homeowner

Just because you are living to a budget, money is tight, or you are looking to shave off some debt, doesn’t mean that you can’t spend some time on a home makeover. You might think that a new kitchen or a facelift for your kitchen diner would cost a small fortune, but it needn’t be this way. There are plenty of creative decor hacks that you can employ to help you achieve a showhome kitchen look for a fraction of the usual cost. Take a look at these kitchen makeover ideas for the frugal homeowner.


The easiest way to revolutionize the look of a kitchen is to change the units within it. If the structure of your units is sound, you could simply change up your doors. If your budget is super tight, a simple paint job could alter the style of your kitchen. An old school mahogany veneer can quickly change to a cleaner shaker style off white look complete with new handles and a lick of paint. If you can stretch a little further, consider heading to a local showroom on the high street. Here, you may be fortunate enough to find some ex-display models that are up to half the recommended retail price of new units. Yes, the drawers may have been owned a few thousand times, but there will be no scuffs or dents in the cupboard fascias and you could have an awesome designer look for a minimal outlay.

You can also create a sleek and modern kitchen area by adding simple details such as displaying modern decorative items likeminimalist teapots, storage containers, and dishware on the countertops or open shelves. By keeping colors and patterns to a minimum, you can create an uncluttered, stylish and functional look. In addition, minimalist kitchen countertops are easy to keep clean.

If you find that the units you are replacing are decent, you could sell them on and save some cash that you can pump back into your renovations. Consider renting a unit and keeping your old units safe and secure until you find a buyer.


Carpets are a no-go for kitchens. They’ll end up with spillages and stains, and are not practical for kitchens. Instead, opt for high-quality lino. Linoleum is a cheaper flooring option but can ooze a style and look that is reminiscent of the more expensive slate mosaic tile finishes or traditional oak wood flooring. If your budget can stretch a little further, consider the older or excess stock in DIY stores. Clearance sales are a great way to pick up some bargains and flooring is no exception. Old laminate with classy walnut finishes or splashproof tiling often lingers when newer finishes come onto the market.

White Goods

A dishwasher is often seen as a luxury as are combined washer dryers. These don’t have to be well out of your budget. Look out for sales and always head online to check out price trackers. Set alerts for when the model dishwasher you like falls under a certain price. Alternatively, head to sites like eBay and look for top-quality second-hand goods. This can empower you to have the Smeg fridge and the Neff oven that you’ve always wanted but without forking out full price.

Follow this guide and enjoy giving your kitchen a makeover without breaking the bank.

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