Are Legal Steroid Pills Safe for Regular Consumption?

What Are Legal Steroid Drugs?

Legal steroid pills, also known as anabolic-androgenic steroid drugs, are over-the-counter supplements for muscle building. The steroid properties resemble that of testosterone as it helps in promoting the growth of muscles.

Doctors usually recommend it to patients who struggle to gain weight and to men with testosterone production imbalances. The supplements that have anabolic steroid drugs logo are rendered safe for consumption. Patients with weight wastage diseases like HIV are usually prescribed to consume these steroids. 

Many athletes and sportspersons utilize it for enhancing their performance; however, the usage of illegal steroids is banned in the sports fraternity due to their harmful side effects on the body. Many athletes have been banned for illicit usage of illegal steroids.

Let’s move on to discuss its usage and if Anabolic steroid drugs are safe to use or not.

Is The Usage Of Anabolic Steroid Drugs Safe?

Anabolic steroids are synthetically produced supplements and should only be used when required urgently. As they’re not naturally produced by our body, ingestion of the same without guidance might turn to be risky and life-threatening. It’s better to be on the safe side rather than jumping onto a nail bed.

Before addressing the side effects of anabolic steroids, let’s talk about their medical uses:1. They are used to treat delayed puberty in boys.2. These drugs are effective in curing impotency in men.3. Anabolic drugs are used to treat acute weight loss due to underlying or chronic diseases.4. They’re useful in correcting hormonal imbalances.5. Its usage has helped in treating other diseases like endometriosis and osteoporosis.

What Are The Side Effects of Anabolic Steroid Drugs?

We need to understand that anabolic steroid drugs are synthetically produced and do not occur naturally in our bodies. Ingestion of foreign substances that have extensive altering properties like these can be harmful to our regular body functions. 

It might cause irreversible damage and you may end up regretting your decision to go synthetic. It’s always better to stay safe than to be sorry. Abusive usage of such drugs may lead to major health issues and body distortion.

Listed below are some ill-effects of these drugs.

1. Mental disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder,

2. Heart diseases

3. Liver tumors and cysts

4. Hair loss, acne, and oily skin

5. Gynecomastia, i.e. abnormal enlargement of breasts in men

6. Menstrual irregularities

7. Blood pressure Irregularities

8. Testicular deformity

9. Overgrowth of facial and body hair

10. Infertility and impotence

11. Voice alterations in women

12. Stunted growth

To read more about the implications to taking these drugs, click here.

Now let’s move on to discuss what alternatives one could use to get the same benefits.

Alternative to Legal Steroids.

Bulking up without steroids might take time and double efforts, but the product of it would be healthier and safer. Natural lasts longer when it comes to any aspect of our buildup. Our desires usually look out for an easy way but it does not last long. The harder path is time and effort consuming but its product is rock solid and stays on for long. 

Below are some points to help you with the task and build you up rock solid!

1. Reduce Body Fat Percentage.

You might be curious as to how would reducing your body’s fat percentage help you in bulking up? How is it possible to increase the body mass by reducing it at the very same time?

The answer to that question is:

When you decrease your body fat, the testosterone level and insulin sensitivity of your body increases. This plays a huge role in assisting the process of bulking up.

2. Bulk Up, Slowly.

Now that you’ve reduced your body fat percentage and are ready to be full of muscles and not fat, work on it. With a balanced diet and a progressive- overload based routine, build up your muscles with the goal of gaining 2 pounds per month. 

You’d have to maintain your intake of food and work-out without harming yourself. To know more about muscle building workout, diet, and routine, click on the link mentioned below:

The Final Take on Anabolic Steroid Drugs.

Here, the question arises about if we should use anabolic steroid drugs or not. 

The intuitive and concrete answer is no, you should not be using anabolic steroid drugs because their side effects are way more adverse and severe than the minute gain they are used for. The ones certified safe for use are the ones with an anabolic steroid drug logo.

However, if you do not have an option, you may use it with proper medical advice. 

Like any drugs, improper use has negative effects to your body, so it is advisable to work a little extra hard to gain those muscles instead of altering your body and it’s functioning altogether. 

The usage of steroids can provide you instant results and can be used to look or be a certain way, according to the consumer’s preferences. It may help you gain your desired looks in a swift fashion. However, some irreversible changes are caused due to its consumption. Watch out for the pros and cons of using anything with such varied properties.

They are great to increase stamina, endurance, strength, and energy, but make our body prone to the synthetic supplement for normal functioning. Such over the counter medications and supplements should not be used unless necessary and under proper medical counseling.

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