How Man’s Best Friend Can Enhance Your Home & Family

As a parent, seeking new ways to improve communication, protect your home, and give your children a better life is a top priority. Regardless of where or how, mums and dads alike strive by working diligently to build safe and prosperous homes that give kids the best chance possible to thrive and succeed. 

Children need a few simple things in order to be successful. They need love, first and foremost. They need a stable home, basic essentials, security and access to sources of fun and entertainment. As a mum or dad, providing these elements is frankly most of the battle. Parents also need many of these same amenities, plus a few others as well.

One way to provide fun, love, safety and entertainment for your family is by adopting or buying a dog. These faithful companions can actually enhance your family’s overall experience, so let’s look at what you and your kids can expect to gain from bringing one into your home.

Dogs Provide a Stress Outlet for Children

Parents know that children – particularly younger ones – are prone to changes in mood and behaviour. Easily startled, angered or saddened at times, these are relatively common responses to a world that they have not fully grown accustomed to just yet. While it can be easy to dismiss the notion that children undergo immense amounts of stress at time (after all, don’t most kids have it made?), kids can become just as stressed out as their parents.

It therefore is important to highlight that evidence exists that shows stress levels are actually lowered in children who have access to a family dog. One study highlighted that children who can call for their pet in a stressful situation actually produce less cortisol (a key component of stress) than those who cannot. As such, having a dog in the family may actually make it easier for your children to navigate stressful periods due to friends, school or at-home matters.

Dogs Encourage Healthier Living

Families who stay connected and do more activities as a group may develop closer and stronger bonds that last a lifetime. Finding new and exciting ways to have fun as a family may be a personal goal for you; if you’re looking for an excuse to get more exercise and bond as one family unit, then getting a dog may be the right choice!

Dogs are active and social creatures – just like humans. They enjoy playing with their family members, running around outside and exploring, and meeting new people (and pups) alike. The responsibilities that come with owning a dog merit some additional activity, which may prove to be beneficial to families who aren’t getting enough exercise.  

Ultimately, taking the dog out for a walk can help you and your family burn extra calories and get a bit more exercise each day. Socialising your dog with other canine friendlies at a nearby dog park helps you meet new people as well, partially fulfilling the need for us humans to be social on a regular basis. These behaviours and activities aren’t just good for you and the kids: they’re also good for the newest canine member of your family!

As such, part of ensuring your family continues to stay healthy is ensuring that your dog stays healthy. Pet insurance is a potentially valuable commodity – especially for families with older dogs – that may lower vet costs substantially. Pet insurance from someone like Everypaw, connect families with coverage plans that work for a variety of specific situations. Whether coverage is desired for an extended period of time or for a lifetime, Everypaw pet insurance options may be beneficial both to your dog’s health and your finances.

Dogs Protect Your Family

Your home is your life. Not only does it house your loved ones, but it also houses your possessions, including irreplaceable mementos. Much like you would want to protect your home from fire, flood and other disasters, protecting your home from criminals is a common and noteworthy goal.

Having a dog in the home – may deter many would-be burglars from attempting to enter the home. Former burglars interviewed by an insurance company reported that loud barking dogs and CCTV cameras were the two biggest deterrents of home invasion.

It should also go without saying that dogs may repel not only burglars, but criminals of other types as well. Whether you are away from the home for several hours each day or simply want peace of mind while you sleep, consider the security that a dog may provide.

Dogs Promote Responsibility

Parents want to instil confidence and responsibility in their children as soon as possible. Through a variety of life lessons and examples, mums and dads can demonstrate to kids exactly why responsibility is important. Both positive and negative examples can be used, but children may pay more attention when given concrete and tangible examples of life to observe. 

Bringing a new dog into the home can be an exciting time for the kids, but it’s also a learning opportunity. By setting some ground rules for the children and making sure they are responsible for specific tasks, you can directly show them how regular and recurring tasks must be completed. Most kids will love to have a dog in the family, but they should also be shown how and why responsibility is involved in adding a new member to the household.

Whether it be feeding, bathing, providing attention, or just checking in to make sure the dog is okay, these behaviours can serve as analogues of real-life adult responsibilities they’ll one day need to know. Click here to learn about five different ways that a new dog can teach your children responsibility. 

Parents want the very best for their children. They also want a safe and responsible environment at home. Ultimately, bringing a dog into the family may come with extra responsibility and costs, but it can also provide a range of benefits that improves the quality of life for both your family and your home.

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