Get fit and healthy for Summer 2020

Now that the Christmas festivities are over, many of us make the New Years resolutions to lose weight and get in shape for Summer. Yes that includes me too. However for various reasons the majority of people just don’t stick to that plan and end up disappointed with themselves come the warmer months.

Getting in shape doesn’t have to be that difficult. You don’t need to be lifting weights at the gym or running non stop to feel better about yourself. In fact by following a few simple tips below you may find the pounds will stay off.

1) – Eat the right foods – No one is saying that you need to live off salad for the next few months, but by cutting back on junk foods and sugars this can have a big effect on your waist line and overall health. If you feel the urge for something sweet then opt for fruit instead of candy. Cook meals from scratch rather than always processed. Add meat, vegetables, fish, and protein to your diet. Make recipe plans and shopping lists. Healthy eating is the key to healthy bodies.

2) Exercise daily – We all know that gyms are great for exercise. They are everywhere and many offer low monthly memberships. Gyms are the perfect way to tone up and shed the pounds. However gyms aren’t for everyone and there are plenty of other ways to exercise. Go for a run, buy exercise dvds, buy some weights or invest in exercise equipment at home, do push ups, crunches etc in your living room. Many leisure centres also offer several fitness classes without having to join a gym. I find these groups great not only for working out but also meeting new people too.

3) Keep track of your health and progress – It’s a good idea to keep a track on progress from when you start your journey. This can be done in many ways, such as journals and apps and also via the latest technology of fitness watches. These are actual watches worn discreetly around the wrist, they tell you the time but also come full of fitness tracking features such as your heart rate, sleep cycles, distance tracker, steps, goals, calories and so much more. There are so many available with all different features and to be extra careful with your health there is even a watch which comes with a fitness tracker with blood pressure monitor. You can view and purchase Fitbit watches and accessories at Fitness trackers to measure blood pressure are especially useful in detecting any abnormalities in blood pressure and can also record data in an app making it easier to share with a doctor.

4) Stay hydrated – As the weather gets warmer, we get warmer too. When exercising our bodies quickly heat up even more and need a lot of hydration. The best thing to drink is water. Avoid fizzy drinks and cut down on alcohol too.

5) Sleep – My final tip on getting healthier is to get more sleep, or at least enough sleep. Sleep is often something that many of us just don’t get enough of and it can have a big impact on our overall health. Eight hours of undisturbed sleep is the recommendation to stay active during the day, with six hours being the minimum.

I hope these healthy tips go towards helping you achieve those summer goals.

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