History lesson – What happened the 2nd week of January?

As we begin the 2nd week of the new year and the new decade, it’s always interesting (I think) to look back in history and see what was happening x amount of years ago on a specific date. It’s often hard to recall where we were or what we were doing at a specific time, but did you know that almost 80 fascinating events and facts occurred in our history this week – the 2nd week in January? Below are just some of the interesting events that may just jog your memory.

•Hitler declares war

•Insulin was first used on humans to treat diabetes.

•Harvey Milk was the 1st openly gay person elected to public office in America

•Mickey mouse comic strip first appears

•Elvis Presley, Stephen Hawking & David Bowie all share a birthday this week.

•The very first iPhone was launched!

Here’s a few more interesting facts and events with pictures included.

8th January

9th January

10th January

There are many more events, facts, birthdays and deaths to view which all occurred in the same week, far too many for me to show on here. However to view the rest you can click this link to access all the infographs which were kindly provided by Cashlady.com.

Please feel free to share any memories of this week that you may have below.

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