Tips to Be a Little More Eco-Friendly in Your Weekly Shop

Climate change is a big issue at the moment. It is important that we all try to do our bit to help. This can go beyond recycling and cutting down on plastic bags; there are plenty of things you can do to make your weekly shop more eco-friendly. Let’s take a look at some of the changes you can make.

Head to a Farmer’s Market

Step away from the fruit and veg aisle! You can find everything you need for your 5-a-day at your local farmer’s market. The advantage of shopping here over heading to the supermarket is that you will have more control over what you are buying. You can be certain that it is fresh, and you might be able to speak to the farmer directly to find out if he is an organic farmer. You can also take your own bags to save on plastic packaging.

The farmer’s market is a great place to pick up some other goodies too. You might also be able to find a cheesemonger or someone selling meats like sausages and burgers. Bakers also love to visit farmer’s markets, allowing you to stock up onbread and other tasty treats. Buying directly from the farmers will also net you some savings as there is not the middleman of the supermarket to pay. If you want to see 100% of your money going to the person who grew your fruit and vegetables, buying from a farmer’s market is a must.

Look for Luxury Alternatives

Most of us can’t start our days without a cup of coffee in the mornings. The world of coffee has really taken off in the last decade. Not only are more people visiting coffee shops to pick up interesting drinks like lattes and flat whites but they are also investing in expensive coffee machines. These machines allow them to enjoy luxury coffee in their own home as well as develop their own tastes in coffee. If you love to experiment with your hot beverages, having a coffee machine of your own is going to be the perfect way for you to do so.

The downside of these machines is that they often require pods. These pods are single-use only and cause quite a bit of waste. Opting for eco friendly coffee pods from Halo means that you can still enjoy lovely coffee each morning without this impact on the environment. 

Plan Wisely

Are you a strict meal planner or are you guilty of jumping in the car every few days to buy more food? If you are the latter, you could be more wasteful than you realise. Not only are you wasting petrol on multiple food trips but you might also be buying more than you actually need. Buying food in this way can add up faster than you think. 

Try to make a meal plan and be strict with it. Only buy what you need for the week and try to make sure that you don’t go off-plan. Your food might not be that tempting when you go to cook it but you should still stick to the plan. Not only will you save money, but you will also cut down on food waste as everything in your kitchen gets used up. If you find yourself often wasting a lot of food, meal planning might be the best way to try to cut down.

Though it might seem difficult, it can be easier than you think to approach your weekly shop in a more eco-friendly manner. From cutting down on plastic and single-use items to seeing what your local markets have to offer, there are so many ways for you to improve your weekly shop for the better.

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