Tips to Be a Little More Eco-Friendly in Your Weekly Shop

Climate change is a big issue at the moment. It is important that we all try to do our bit to help. This can go beyond recycling and cutting down on plastic bags; there are plenty of things… View Post

Shopping haul Primark

I can’t help but love primark and especially so the huge store in Manchester. It originally began selling cheap clothing and is now floors full of women’s, kids & men’s fashion, nightwear, beachwear, shoes and… View Post

Freego: Gluten free does not mean boring

I was recently introduced to an online store called Freego Freego only sells gluten free products, all suitable for those with gluten free diets. I myself do not have any sort of gluten intolerance or… View Post

Morissons mum Challenge

If I had to name my favourite supermarket then Morissons wins without a doubt. I love the variety and quality of products in their store. The reason I don’t shop there that often is because… View Post

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