Tips to keep your Skin Healthy and Glowing during Winter

Taking care of your skin is not only necessary during the summer but also the winter. You might be thinking that you are safe under several layers of clothing, but that is not the case. During winter, the harsh cold weather is just as damaging as the heat from your heater in the house. The cold winter weather leaves the skin dry and itchy.This means that you cannot ignore your daily skin routine. Here are some steps that you can choose to maintain healthy and glowing skin during winter.

1. Avoid hot showers

Having a hot bath seems like a great way to warm up your body during the winter. Your body will be warm, no doubt, but your skin will suffer. A hot bath removes the natural protective oils from the skin, making it dryer. If you have dry skin taking a hot shower will make it worse. If your skin turns red while in the shower then the water is too hot. Show your skin some love and take a lukewarm 5-8-minute bath.

2. Moisturize your skin

It is always important to moisturize your skin, especially if you are looking into different methods. Moisturizing should be done in every season but especially during the winter. Oils should be an essential ingredient to your skincare routine. In addition to keeping your skin moisturized, oils help to eliminate toxins from your skinand keeping it smooth and blemish free.

3. Invest in a humidifier

During the winter, humidity is low, meaning the air indoors is dry. Dry air causes the skin to be rough and itchy. A humidifier will assist in adding moisture into the atmosphere and keep your skin hydrated. You don’t have to have a humidifier in every room of the house. Install a humidifier in the places where you spend most ofyour time, for example, the bedroom or your office.

4. Use unperfumed soaps, cleansers and other facial products

Soaps and facial cleansers are things most people use daily. Some of these products contain alcohol, among other ingredients that can be harmful to your skin. If you are one who would rather pay for a skincare procedure such as a facial or laser treatment, make sure that the products being used are safe. Alcohol-based products tend to dry the skin further. Check the ingredients of any products you use this winter and make sure it is fragrance-free.

5. Drink lots of water

Drinking water is something that cannot be stressed enough. Keeping your body hydrated is just as healthy for the skin as it is for your physical health. Your skin will surely reflect the effects of drinking a gallon a day. You are healing the skin from the inside out by drinking water as required daily. Remember also to eat foods that are rich in juices like fruits.

With the above tips, you are sure your skin will remain healthy and glowing throughout winter. Maintaining your skincare routine is vital, so make sure you follow it to the latter if you want your skin to remain smooth and clear.

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