Give your face that all year round glow with Skinny Tan

It may be Autumn and the sunny days may be well behind us, but that doesn’t mean your skin has to stop glowing. With Skinny Tans all year round products, it means that everyone can enjoy steak free, sun free bronzed skin all year round.

Skinny tan is my fave tanning brand. They have so many products to suit everyone including non bronzers such as body moisturisers etc. Their fab new colle Tom seems to be all about the face and getting that perfect contour and glow. After all the face is the first thing that people notice.

These three individual products work together to create a perfect facial finish.

Face drops – Come in a smart pippet bottle. The drops get mixed with either your regular moisturiser (or skinny tan moisturiser) or sun cream. You only need to add 2 or 3 drops for it to work. It doesn’t leave a really dark or orangey tan but more a natural subtle glow. This alone costs £15 and will last ages.

Semi permanent contour serum – Yes you read that right. Do you get tired of constantly contouring your face each morning? Well this product solves that problem by leaving you with a longer lasting contour. If you’re already used to contouring then apply as you would with your usual way. If not then there is a guide with the product but it does help to research and watch tutorials. Everyone’s face is different both in shape and skin tone and so contouring will also be different for each individual. Skinny tan has their own Contouring video to give you a few tips. Again this product leaves a lovely even finish. It’s available in 2 shades and costs £9.99 for 20ml.

Superglow highlighting serum – This is great to use after the contouring serum above to highlight those areas you want to enhance. It also works great under or over make up to give an all over facial glow. Take care when applying this one as less is definitely more. You literally only need the tiniest amount. This one is just £9.99 for 50ml.

Me after using the 3 step contour facial products!

All Skinny tan facial products contain Aloe Vera and Guarana. They are easy to apply, dry quickly and are streak free. You can buy all the mentioned products direct from Skinny tan online.

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