Tips to Kick-Start A Watch Collection

Nowadays, starting your collection of authentic watches is much easier than ever. There is so much information about different watchmakers and brands that makes it simpler to know more watches.

Also, we are no longer limited to the stores in our city. We can easily search the web and shop online. There’s no reason not to start your own watch collection if this is something you’re truly passionate about.

How People Start Collecting Watches

For many watch collectors, it only starts as a spark of interest that grows into a passion for the beauty and craftsmanship that’s put into producing a fine piece. Watches are a work of art that we can wear. It can tell so much about our style and taste.

At first, it begins with a single piece of watch. But many people who become watch collectors can no longer resist the other fine beauties that they know they have to acquire. Once you see the beauty of watches, there’s no looking back. Before you know it, you already have a fine collection of elegant pieces.

So, if watches are your thing and you want to kick-start your own collection, here are some of the things that you can do. Hopefully, this guide will be able to help you on your quest to find wonderful timepieces.

Think About Why You Want to Start Collecting

 Like any endeavor, you should know why you want to do this. It’s important to know your goals and motivation for starting a watch collection. This is because knowing so will affect how you will choose the type, style, and brand that you’ll be buying.

Think about where you want to wear your watch. Would you want something that you can wear for any occasion? Or do you want something that goes well with your elegant business suit? Are you a shirt and jeans person and prefer something more casual for a watch? These are important questions to ask yourself.

While it’s true that there are many models of watches that can be worn in business meetings, dates, or casual events, once you start collecting, you’ll realize that you’d want different pieces for various occasions.

Know Which Watches to Buy

When you already know your motivation for starting a watch collection, it’s time to narrow it down so that you’ll be able to focus on a specific brand or type of watch. For example, you don’t have to get every model of a particular brand. Certainly, not all of them will suit your taste. That’s why you should only get the ones that you actually love.

Another tip here is to avoid what’s fashionable. Go for classic, timeless pieces that will last for years and would still look great. It’s important that you don’t chase whatever this year’s trend is. You want your watch collection to last so don’t get ones that will soon look outdated.

The third tip to know which watches to buy is to assess if it suits you well. When you buy a watch, make sure that it will look good on you. Check the size of your wrist relative to the watch to see that it is neither too small or oversized.

Lastly, read a lot about the brand so you’ll know as much as you can about the technology and craftsmanship that goes into making it. Since watches are your thing, you’ll surely love reading about how it’s made, where it’s assembled, and of course, the history of how the brand started and why it continues to be a top watchmaker to this day.


The most important thing to remember about starting a watch collection is that you should enjoy it. Have fun in the process and don’t rush. Don’t just buy watches just so you can say you have a collection.

More than anything, the stories behind how you came to have a particular piece are what’s most interesting and important. So, take your time and scrutinize every detail if you want. Once you see a watch that is worth being a part of your collection, you’ll just know it.  

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