What You Need to Know If You’re Selling Online

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Selling online is a fantastic way to make money, and you can scale it to suit your needs. Are you a stay-at-home parent selling crafts or artwork from home? A website allows you to reach customers all over the world, and potentially expand your business. The same goes for digital products and services.

You can also sell online as a way to expand a brick-and-mortar business, and your website is a fantastic marketing tool to further improve your reach. In short, it’s a good business option for small and large businesses alike.

However, it does require some setting up to get it right. Here are some tips to get you started.

Website Design

If you think about a physical store, you ideally want a store that is attractive, fit for purpose, and laid out in a logical way. This encourages people to walk into the store and spend time there, and hopefully buy something. The same applies to a website.

Your website should be attractive, suitable for your needs, and easy to navigate. You have a few options here. You can try to design and build the website yourself, but this isn’t easy and should only be attempted if you know what you’re doing. 

Otherwise, you can hire a website designer to create a custom website with a professional touch. Or you can use a template builder, which simplifies the design process and leaves you with a professional and attractive website that isn’t as unique as a custom one.


You also need to market your business website. People can’t buy something if they don’t know it exists. Likewise, people won’t visit your website if they don’t know it’s there or how to access it.

Use social media to create links to your website, and make the most out of content marketing and SEO strategies to make your website more visible to people online. This way, you will get more visitors and more potential customers.

You can also link your website to larger selling platforms for a wider audience.

Product Descriptions and Displays

Again, like a physical store, you want to make your products as attractive as possible. People can’t see them in person or pick them up, so you should show off the products with helpful photographs and informative descriptions. You can also show a video to demonstrate the product.

This way, people will be more informed about what they’re buying. This alleviates some of the anxiety of buying online, so they’re more likely to take the plunge.

Make Buying Easy and Safe

Finally, you should make it easy for people to buy from your website and your business as a whole. If you run a business, it’s a good idea to look into ISV payment processing and payment providers, as they facilitate the selling process.

You should also explore different checkout options. If someone gets frustrated while checking out, you’ve potentially lost a sale, so make it easy to buy.

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