3 Beauty Benefits of Adding Matcha to Your Skin-Care Regimen


Matcha is as organic as it can get. It’s powdered green tea—only you get to consume the entire leaf instead of throwing it out.

Matcha doesn’t go through the usual tea-production process. When these green tea leaves are ready for harvesting, after growing in the shade between 60 and 90 days, they are steamed, dried, then processed until they become this fine bright-green powder. Unlike other teas, whose leaves are dried then placed in a squared bag with a thread for consumption.

Matcha’s superpower is not limited to cleansing and detoxifying what’s inside the body. It extends its honest-to-goodness remedial attributes to the skin. Not many people know the benefits of having matcha as part of their skin-care routine. Adding matcha to your regimen can draw out the impurities that you get exposed to daily.

Matcha is on everything these days, from beverages, to bread, to ice cream, and so much more, for a good reason. The antioxidants it packs are through the roof. Other than eating or drinking matcha, applying the little green powder directly to your skin will multiply its benefits even more. Here are three of the best benefits of matcha.


Fights Off the Effects of Exposure to Harmful UV Rays

UV is known to be a significant cause of aging mainly because it can block off the skin from producing collagen. It makes the skin thinner and loosen up its natural elasticity, which often leads to wrinkles.

If you are exposed to UV for long periods, chances are your skin is more prone to aging faster and, possibly, skin cancer.

Matcha helps because it can increase the oxygen levels around your skin, especially the part that gets exposed to the sun the most. It fights off the damaging effect of UV on the skin and restores your youthful glow.

Adding matcha to hot water will release all its nutrients on the frothy mix. Applying matcha directly to your skin after a long day after the sun will revitalize and rejuvenate it—especially if you pair it with honey, which naturally exfoliates the skin.


Anti-inflammatory and Antimicrobial Properties

Common skin conditions are driven by inflammation and bacteria. This is why it’s never a good idea to pop a pimple on your face. Doing this will only spread the bacteria on the surrounding area where your pimple had been in. You also retain some of its residue on your fingertips, the same fingers you’ll be using to touch other parts of your body.

In matcha is an antioxidant called catechin, which removes toxins and other bad particles from the body. It has loads of this specific catechin type called EGCG, which is known to boost fat burning and to also function as an anticarcinogenic agent.

Matcha is infused with a lot of good stuff that you can’t find all in one powder. While inflammation is the body giving you a signal that it’s hurt, it becomes discomforting when it goes on a crazy spike. When matcha seeps through the pores of your skin, it can reduce the size of acne and blemishes and gets rid of excess oil and bacteria.


Vitamin-Rich Powder with Chlorophyll

The body can’t do without vitamins. Vitamin A has been shown to decrease oil production. Vitamin C is your army against wounds and aging. Vitamin E heals and helps with scarring. All these vitamins are in matcha, in amounts that are much higher than they are in any other tea or supplements.

Chlorophyll, which comes in high amounts as matcha is grown under shade for days, is a good treatment for acne, large pores, and oil in the skin. It’s known to contain the growth of bacteria-induced inflammation, the usual suspects for common skin disorders.

When mixed with another essential ingredient for skin care, like cinnamon and honey, and left on the skin for more than 15 minutes, you’ll feel your skin become more supple and feel refreshed immediately.


Skin Care Is Self-Care

 The skin, as the largest organ inside and out, is the body’s ultimate protector. And because of that, it gets the brunt of the everyday wear and tear more than any other parts of the body do. Knowing what’s right for the skin and adding more natural ingredients will go a long way to its health.


You know your skin is healthy when it’s clear and radiating.


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