Skinny tan – get the bronzed look even in the British weather

I love skinny tan it’s up their as one of my ultimate favourites when it comes to self tanning. Self tan is something I use a hell of a lot. See I wasn’t lucky enough to be given a skin tone that tans easily (if ever) and it certainly has no chance with the UK weather. On the plus side tho, using self tanners like skinny tan is much safer and healthier than both sun beds and the actual sun.

These are my latest skinny tan products. If you’re considering buying a skinny tan tanner but not so sure then I would recommend you buy it because I’ve been a fan since the start. This stuff is real good!

The tube on the right with the orange zig zag pattern is my 7 day tanner. It contains a natural tanning agent and it smells pretty good too (the majority of skinny tan does!) It’s called a 7 day tanner because the colour lasts up to 7 days before a full re-application is recommended. The reason I like this product so much is because it’s very easy to apply and it really does give a long lasting streak free result. It dries almost instantly. The initial colour is also instant but once you shower a few hours later, the bronzer washes away and you’re left with a very natural looking tan.

Check my legs after using the 7 day skinny tan

I also have two new sun protection products from skinny tan. These not only give a glowing beach babe colour but also protect skin from the sun. Not that we get much this way at the moment but many places abroad do. The protect & glow product gives a huge SPF 50 protection whilst also being a daily gradual self tan lotion; or in other words as some call it – a build up tanner. This means you don’t get an instant deep tan like you would with the 7 day tanner. Instead you get a gorgeous glow and very natural gradual colour.

The (blue) Body Glow is also a sun product, it’s an after sun product, a cooling gel which contains aloe Vera plus tanning agents. It can be combined with the Protect & Glow. This one gives an instant tan after being in the sun.

Skinny tan is sold in Superdrug stores and also online. They have many tanning products available and therefore prices vary for each.


  1. March 27, 2019 / 13:32

    I’m always really wary of using tanning products in case I end up looking like a satsuma. I have quite a few I need to review and I keep putting it off as I’m scared to use them lol 🙂

    Sarah ? || Boxnip

  2. March 29, 2019 / 11:53

    I never really wear fake tan, I’m super pale and always worry about tan going streaky. But this sounds like another good, recommend brand that I can keep my eye out for! X

    • March 29, 2019 / 11:55

      You may be best starting with a gradual build up tan. This will give you a bit of colour that gradually gets slightly deeper.
      Stay clear of any tan that says dark on it. Stick to light tanners x

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