4 Tips to Dressing Your Dog in Style

Does your dog enjoy dressing up? Many dogs enjoy the additional attention they get when dressed in the latest fashion trends. If dressing up is something your dog enjoys, it would be best to consider trendy and stylish outfits at Beeztees. It is important to consider your dog’s needs when selecting outfits for him or her. Besides being fashionable, your dog needs to be comfortable.

Consider the breed of dog

Some dogs look great in bright, colorful outfits. Others look adorable in plain colors. You do not want your dog to seem invisible because all the attention is on the outfit. When one sees your dog, they need to be taken by the well-dressed dog. If the outfit outshines the dog, it is the wrong choice. If no one notices a difference when your Chihuahua is dressed or bare, it says a lot about your chosen outfit.

The weather matters

When it is cold, the age, size, and breed of the dog play a critical role when choosing the right clothes. Thin dogs or those with light coats need more protection from the cold than those with a thick coat. How you dress a Chow Chow, Maltese or German Shepherd during the cold season is different from the way you will dress the Chihuahua. The Chihuahua gets cold easily. When selecting stylish outfits for your dog, ensure it looks good, guarantees comfort and protects him from the cold.

Ensure they are a perfect fit

Take measurements of your dog if need be. This way you can be sure you have picked an outfit that fits your dog perfectly. It is critical for you to consider your dog’s temperament. Does he or she suffer from anxiety attacks? Are you going to a place or attending an event that is likely to trigger an anxiety attack?

A snug fitting vest is both functional and stylish. If your dog needs one, you may opt for a colorful one that brings out your dog’s sense of style. The chosen outfit should not be too tight or too loose. You want your pet to look forward to another dress up. Chances of your dog rebelling against any future attempts of dressing him up are high if he has a bad experience with the chosen apparel.

Choose outfits specially designed for pets

Some people attempt to dress dogs with apparel not designed for them. When dressing your pet, it is vital to ensure that his nose, ears, eyes, and mouth are not covered. These are communication channels for dogs. Interfering with these parts of the body compromises your dog’s safety and comfort. If this is the first time your dog will be in clothes, start small and progress based on his or her comfort. For example, you may opt for a collar over a shirt.

It is easy to tell if your dog is uncomfortable with the chosen apparel. Observe him and see how he is handling the new addition to his collection of outfits. Even dogs that are used to clothes have a preference for a particular fabric. If your dog prefers cotton, he may not be receptive to woolen wear. Once you understand what works, it will be much easier to choose trendy, stylish apparels for pets.  

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