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It’s the start of a new year meaning New Years resolutions and big changes for many; myself included. One of my yearly resolutions is weight loss and toning. Yes okay I know I may look slim to others but I don’t feel good and I have a few holidays that I want to get in shape for.

Just before Christmas I was introduced to a diet meal delivery service called DietBon. It seems to be a French company with UK based stores. They deliver ready made healthier meals weekly and the plans include breakfast, mains, deserts, sides and detoxing teas. Plans start from Β£35 weekly.

You fill out a weight loss profile with your goals and the profile gives the best plan to suit requirements. There is a fairly good menu choice which will change and update regularly. The choices include vegetarian, vegan and other special diet options as well as meat and fish dishes. The breakfasts are a little limited offering various muesli options, pancakes and breakfast breads.

This picture shows how the foods arrive. They all come in boxes apart from the tea which is in the foil packet. The main meals all show which animal (or not) the food relates too, a chicken indicates poultry, fish is fish etc.

The main meals can go in the microwave for just a few minutes. I chose and received a selection of meat and fish dishes along with some breakfast pancakes, chocolate deserts and some bars.

I had mixed feeling with some of the main dishes. The majority were okay, the right amount and healthy choices. Some were very good, such as the salmon above, although it would of been much better if a few more side vegetables were included. I ended up adding my own. The odd few meals just weren’t for me and didn’t taste that great. However this does help for future selections when choosing the next weeks meal selections.

I was also a bit baffled by the cooking instructions and it’s a good job that I know a bit of french and Spanish as there were no English instructions on the packages and nor were they included in the big box. So if you don’t know any words in other European languages then it’s possibly a case of putting in the microwave or oven and hoping for the best.

The snack bars do help a bit to curb the hunger, the meals are initially filling but I was feeling a bit hungry again within 2 hours.

The meals do arrive vacuum packed meaning they can be stored and kept for longer than many other foods and don’t always need refrigerating.

You can find out much more about DietBons plans and ingredients on their website.

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