Electric Cars for Kids as Gifts: What to Consider Before Buying

One of the toughest struggles of giving gifts to children is choosing what’s best for them. Fortunately, many toy companies nowadays produce different toys for kids of different ages and interests.

Electric cars for kids are one of the best gifts you can give to your child. Although pedal-powered models are still existing, power wheels are the new toys kids enjoy. Electric cars are fun to play with, and they offer a taste of mobility they soon will enjoy in later years.

Here are some things you need to consider before buying one:

1. Your Child’s Age

The age of your child should be your first consideration before delving into the features or models of electric cars for kids. Designs of electric cars for kids vary and are dependent on the age and abilities of the user. Here’s a guideline you can refer to:

● Under 24 months old: Children under two years old are still developing their motor skills, so choose an electric car that is lightweight and small. It should have a speed of around 2 mph, supportive seats that prevent topples, and remote control so you can control its movement or a push button for easy on and off access.

● 2–4 years old: The motor skills and balance of kids in this age group have improved, so choose a foot-pedal-operated, two-seater, 6 mph electric toy car with seatbelts and realistic engine sounds.

● 5–7 years old: This age group has grown over small toy cars, so opt for larger replicas such as ATVs or Gators and 3-wheeled motorcycles with a maximum speed of 6 mph, realistic features, horn, and even MP3 input.

● 7 years old and above: This age group can handle larger and more realistic models with dual-speed settings and throttle for acceleration.

2. Size and Weight Limit

Electric cars for kids also come in different sizes and shapes. You should opt for something that will last longer and can accommodate your child’s current height and weight.

It’s also crucial to check on the weight limit of electric cars you intend to purchase. Choose an upper limit that is way higher than the current weight of your child. Exceeding its weight limit will cause damage to the vehicle.

3. Styles

After knowing the essential electric car elements that are appropriate for your child, the next thing you should consider is the style of the electric toy vehicle. There are many styles you can choose from to suit your child’s liking:

● Cars

● ATVs

● Trucks and SUVs

● Dune buggies

● Go-karts

● Farm and construction equipment

● Motorcycles

4. Power Supply

The ride quality of the electric car is also important and is depended upon its speed and type of battery. Here are the things you need to consider regarding the power supply of the electric toy car:

● Rechargeable battery with 6 or 12 V

● Batteries must come with a charging unit

● Name-brand to match the brand of the electric toy cars

● Additional batteries for replacement

5. Other Features

The other features you need to look into are related to how the electric toy car can be stopped, which also varies according to your child’s ability for more complex movements. Here are the things you need to look for:

● Manual brakes: suited for older children who can enjoy real-like cars

● No steering: suited for older children who can enjoy real-like cars

● Automatic brake: only one movement is needed for it to stop, such as when the gas pedal is released

6. Types of Drive

The type of electric toy car also depends on where it is used. Some are specifically for indoor use, and others can be used both outdoors and indoors:

● Indoor types: These are generally slower and smaller, which are fit for younger children. They are safer but should not be used for outside drives

● Outdoor types: These require much more power. They need a stronger power supply and higher speed. Moreover, outdoor cars will provide your child with more fun rides.

● Dual-speed models: These are electric cars that your children can ride outside or inside your house. Choose a small car size for easy maneuvering indoors.


Choosing the best gift for kids is easier these days due to the availability of new toys in stores or online. Electric cars are fascinating for most kids, but buying the right one depends on your kid’s age, liking, and usage. Use this guide when purchasing an electric car for kids as a gift.

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