5 Things you can easily make and sell online

Nowadays, it’s always a smart move to know how to make extra money however you can. Side hustles can contribute a lot whether in the form of paying debts, paying off loans, traveling, or starting your own business. Extra income is always welcome whether you have financial goals or not since you can always use the money for whatever you wish.

If you’re looking at this article, chances are, you’re looking for ways to make extra cash. You should know that, if you intend to make stuff and sell them online, you have to have the time, patience, and dedication to do it. There are plenty of e-commerce platforms that will make doing business easier. You don’t have to worry about programming or designing skills because these platforms are generally user-friendly, so you can set up shop in no time.

If you already have marketable art or DIY skills, then you have a pretty good idea of what to do. If not, here are some ideas of what you can make and sell online.

Bath Products

At the end of a long, tiring day, one of the things that most people reward themselves is a bath. It’s free, accessible, and something you can do in your own home. Having luxurious bath products is just one of the ways to take relaxing up a notch.

It’s not to say that you need to make expensive bath products, because you can have something simply made but luxurious. Products like bath bombs and soaps can be made more sumptuous when they are infused with soothing fragrances and even added with glitter.

There’s been a lot of buzz online recently on bath products, and their popularity has paved the way for easy accessibility and knowledge on how to make them. If luxurious bathing is something you’re fond of, take a look at this handy tutorial on making your own bath products.

Art and Prints

If you’ve always been good with a brush, pencil, charcoal, or other art materials, then you can always sell your art and even prints online. The art marketplace is diverse and booming, and more of art pieces are being sold online. If you want to pursue an art career or are already there, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your works.

While it is already a given, you will need a steady supply of art and crafting supplies at your disposal, so it is better to buy them in bulk. Nothing can be more frustrating than being inspired to do what you love the most only to find out that you’ve run out of paper or paint. Not to mention, buying in bulk will also save you money, so you have more profit in the long run.

While there are challenges when it comes to penetrating an already-saturated market, there’s always an untapped group of art buyers who will be interested in what you can offer. Putting your art out there will expand your reach and give you social clout, and on the internet, anything can happen.

Sweets and Confectionery

Always had an affinity for baking? Sweets and confectioneries are some of the best things you can make and sell online. There are thousands, if not millions, of recipes out there, so you will never run out of ideas. Better yet, you can formulate your special recipe and appeal to a niche market.

This is one of the ways you can turn your passion into something profitable. The great thing about selling food is that people will always want more, so establish yourself as much as you can and up your presence online and even in your own neighborhood. You never know, you may turn your simple sweets-selling business into a confectionary empire someday.

Looking for ideas? Here are some easy starter treats you can make without using an oven.


If there’s one thing that most people love, it’s candles. In fact, more than three billion dollars is generated in candle sales, annually according to the National Candle Association. Candles are a perfect gift for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding, a party, or a birthday gift for a candle lover. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes.

There’s a specific niche for candles, and if you belong in it, you already know what makes a candle great. You should likely also know what most candles lack, and if not, turning it into an experiment and a profitable business is not a bad idea. Candles are perfect for decors, adding ambience, and the delightful scents they come with are a bonus.

Custom Invitation Cards and Stationery

The tradition of sending invitation cards for parties and other gatherings is still not lost today. There are thousands of generic and boring invitations you can readily buy anywhere. Most people find these convenient, but to some, they are unexciting.

Due to this, there are a lot of people who will pay good money to get custom invitation cards for their affairs, most notably those in the wedding industry. Custom invitation cards are a massive hit for people who are getting married because they want to make the event of their lives more special.

Making customized invites is not a bad business to be in since you’ll only be needing special paper like cardstock invitations cards and envelopes. If you’re good at calligraphy, you can make a business out creating uniquely designed and custom invitations.

Love What You Do

Doing online business is not exactly an easy thing to do, especially when you’re a novice on how the internet works. It will take some serious commitment on your part if you ever want to grow your business.

The most important thing is that you choose what to sell and love what you do. While it is easy to be set in your ways, try to change it up a little bit from time to time. You may get a life-changing a-ha moment.

What other things do you think are easily made and sold online? Share what you know below.

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