Darcy Curl

This is Darcy Curl, an 18 inch mixed race fashion doll. Being 18 inch means she is the same size as dolls such as Our Generation and American Girl.

Darcy Curl was created by a 6 year old girl and her mother who come from London. The idea being that the doll is based on girls we see everyday but perhaps don’t see as many dolls based on this image – if that makes sense. It is true though that there are very few mixed race dolls such as this one. I guess most little girls will just see it as a doll but it’s easy to understand how mixed race children and adults may wonder why there are very few dolls with a darker skin tone.

This is a beautiful doll. The hair is gorgeous, light yet very curly. She comes dressed in a very pretty school uniform type outfit and even has knickers, socks and shoes. She can of course wear other clothes suitable for this size of doll.

She even comes in this unique and limited edition carry case with handles so she can be taken wherever her owner may go.

To show you a bit more of Darcy Curl, I have made a short unboxing video.

Darcy Curl can be purchased directly from the website. Unfortunately she doesn’t come cheap. She costs Β£72.00 which includes the carry case and the clothes she’s wearing. It is a beautiful unique doll that will certainly last a long long time but it is on the pricey side.

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