4 Things you should know about trading and making money

In today’s world, trading is one of the best ways to make good money. You can become successful and earn a good living through trading for only a few hours per day. For beginners, it may take you some months before you start enjoying the fruits of your labor. The first year is often tough, and your primary goal should be not to lose anything. If you want to become a successful trader, you need to understand and adhere to some rules that have guided all traders. The following four things about trading will guide you to the right path.

1.        Use a Trading Plan. Create a strategy that will guide your entry, exit, and money management criteria. Trading requires an excellent and rehearsed plan that provides you with a statistical edge on each trade you make. You can start with live charts, which are freely available, of an asset move. You need to know the amount of money you are willing to risk on trade. After deciding on your strategy, trade for some time and see what the plan shows. What are the odds that trade will be profitable for you?

You can create a trading plan by finding tendencies in the daily price action of an asset or learn from someone.

2.        Practice a Lot. Practice is the key to succeed at trading. Trading is like any other businesses, where you repeat and review different strategies until you get the right one. With your money at stake, practice is essential. Before risking any real dollar, train in a demo. Here, you practice your plan repeatedly. You will find that no two trades are ever similar. Today may be steady, while tomorrow may be volatile, today may be trending, while tomorrow may be ranging. Without adequate training, you will never understand the trade signals, or you may be hindered from making trades that are not in your plan. When you have perfected your strategy, you will already have made up your mind on whether trading is profitable. Only consider opening a live account after you have been profitable in a demo account. Make use of technology to access different ways of viewing and analyzing the market. For example, you can consider trading with Rayner.

3.        Know the Capital Requirements. Capital to a trader is similar to an inventory to a storekeeper. Knowing how much you are operating with and how to deploy it, will determine your profits. You need to know the minimum requirements demanded by the three major markets: Stocks, Forex, and Futures. You need to treat trading like a full-time or part-time business and not a hobby. As a trader, you are a small business owner. When starting a business, you have to consider the minimum amount you need to start you off and grow your enterprise.

4.        Choose a Broker. As you practice and develop your plan, choose a trading broker. You can select the same broker you used in your demo account, or pick another. Choosing a broker is the most significant decision in trade because you will be trusting someone else with your capital.

Understanding the importance of the above things could help you establish a viable trading business. Trading requires hard work and patience.

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