A Few Christmas Gift Ideas for the Important Men in Your Life

With Christmas not far away, it is time to think about presents. If you are wondering what to buy the men in your life, I am here to help. Below I have put together a few ideas that I have come across over the past few weeks while browsing the web.

The traditional Christmas present for a man

Let’s start with the most traditional gift – socks and pants. For decades, most men have received at least some of these as presents, every year. In some families it is almost a running joke. But, a lot of men actually do like to receive these traditional Christmas gifts.

If you want to give them, Jacamo is a great place to shop for them. They sell a huge selection of boxers, A-fronts, hipster, briefs and socks. Importantly, they cater for men of virtually any size.

Personal care products

Some men also like to receive personal care products as gifts. Aftershave, skin and hair care products make particularly good gifts, especially if you buy a gift box set.

Sports-related gifts

If the man you are buying for likes a particular sport you could always buy them something that relates to that. It could be equipment or a mug or t-shirt that features their favorite team.


The gadget section of a website is always a great place to look for men’s presents. It could be anything from digital level for a DIY fan to a SmartPhone sanitizer.

Foodie gifts

Men like their food. Many of them cook, so kitchen gadgets or equipment can make really great gifts. Food and drink boxes can also work.

Adventure vouchers

A special day out is a great treat for everyone. There are hundreds of experience style gifts you could buy for your son, husband, boyfriend, father or another male relative. You can buy vouchers for everything from mountain-bike training and sports car racing lessons to hot air balloon rides or a zip-wire run. It does not matter what age the person you are buying for is, there is something for them in this gift category.

Man cave presents

If the man you are buying for has a shed, games room or office buying them a present for that space is an excellent idea. It could be something decorative to put on the wall or some stationary or a new chair. For a man that likes to make things, new tools or materials can also come in handy.

More general gift ideas

The above are just a few suggestions. Regardless, of what you are thinking of buying I would recommend that you try to buy it in the Black Friday sales. The discounts are usually good, so you can save yourself a surprising amount of money by shopping on that day.

More inspiration

When I come across something interesting that could make a good present, I add the details to this page. So, if you would like some more gift-giving inspiration all you need to do is to click through and read through my list.

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