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Okay so November probably isn’t the best time of the year to be discussing gardens and in particular grass. However even tho the sun has gone away and the leaves have fell to the floor, the grass still remains in our gardens even tho it may appear half dead.

My lawn at the moment is very patchy, mainly down to my rabbit. The grass is very dull looking and could really do with bringing back to life.

It’s important to care for your lawn all year round, not just in Spring and Summer when it’s warmer and lighter. Winter and Autumn months are important too. That way come Summer, the grass will look more fresh and vibrant and hopefully not cluttered with weeds.

Who wants a garden like this one? Certainly not me!

Using fertiliser on your lawn will help to promote healthier soil and produce the fresh looking deep green grass that helps keep the dreaded weeds at bay.

On this picture you can clearly see the difference in the colour and overall health of grass on the fertilized lawn compared to the one without fertiliser. The grass is a much deeper green colour, indicating healthier grass and looking much better in the garden. I do wish my garden grass looked like that. It’s the type of grass I see in well maintained parks, but anyone can have a lawn like this by using the right type of fertiliser.

Fertiliser actually comes in many varieties. General, slow release, and quick release and there are also different varieties of lawn fertiliser to accommodate the different seasons and changing weather patterns. Weather of course affects how grass grows and looks.

Bags of fertiliser can be purchased at many garden centres and many diy type stores. It’s usually sold in very large bulk bags. It can also be purchased online such as on this website. They offer free delivery on orders over Β£80 or orders more than 60KG in weight which of course is very good when you consider just how heavy these bags can be. As well as lawn fertiliser; The Grass people also sell grass seed and wildflower seed.

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