6 Ways to Save Money on your Electricity bill

Electricity bills take up to 11% of a home’s budget and if not properly managed, they could escalate to higher margins. The money you have so much worked hard for should not all be spent on electricity bills which can be avoided. There are simple techniques you can employ to save money.


Here are 6 ways to save money on your electricity bill:


1.    Change Your Lightbulbs

Consider using LED light bulbs which consume less energy and are efficient. There are several options of these LED light bulbs available to choose from and you can get different shades of light.

Statistics show that LED bulbs can minimize your use of lighting energy by over 50% which is a great way to minimize your lighting costs.



2.    Unplug Your Appliances

Your appliances suck power continually when they are plugged in even when they are not in use and this is a major cause of the high electricity bills you’ve been having.  Research shows that your appliances increase your energy bill by up to 15%.

Look around your house and take note of the appliances which are always plugged in and are consuming energy but are not in use. Unplug them.


3.    Purchase Energy Star Appliances

If you have old outdated appliances, chances are that they are consuming so much energy, resulting in high energy bills. Making an upgrade to energy star appliances will go a long way to reduce your electricity bill by a huge margin.

Energy star appliances are all over the market so you won’t have a problem finding and picking the ones that appeal more to you. Replace the old with the new energy efficient ones.


4.    Use Ceiling Fans

An AC comes in handy in controlling your home’s temperature but it can be quite costly to manage. A good alternative for it that will consume less energy is a ceiling fan. It circulates air efficiently, keeping you cool and the atmosphere in your house well aerated.



Even in the winter season, a ceiling fan will come in handy. It can emit hot air by the touch of a button tuning the settings on it. This is an effective way to cut down on electricity bills.


5.    Consider Using Cold Water

You can shower in cold water when the weather is warm and if your body can handle it. Additionally, you can also wash your clothes with cold water.

There are detergents which work great with cold water washing and you can wash your clothes clean using cold water. If you have an Energy Star Washer, you can wash your clothes in the cold cycle. This way you’ll spend less on your electricity bill.


6.    Change Your Filters

Your ventilating and heating systems function effectively when the filters are clean and in proper form. Old dirty furnace filters will make the systems to strain by restricting airflow, making them use more energy than is required which results in high electricity bills.

To avoid all these unnecessary extra costs, it is advisable that you change your filters every three months. It only costs a few dollars.



These 6 tips will help you save money on electricity bills. One other important aspect to consider is the electricity provider you choose. A good electricity provider will offer the best energy services at minimal costs. For you in Texas, there are many electricity providers. To help you compare and choose the best, checkout texaselectricityratings.com.  

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