How to reverse nerve damage in feet naturally


Nerve damage causes pain, numbness, and weakness in your feet. Damage of the peripheral nerves interferes with how your whole body responds to different reflexes. There are several ways to reverse nerve damage in your feet, one being by embracing natural methods. Here is how to reverse nerve damage in feet naturally:


1.    Bath With Warm Water And Using Essential Oils

Having a warm birth eases the painful symptoms that come about as a result of nerve damage. The warm water boosts the circulation of blood in your whole body, thereby suppressing the painful symptoms caused by numbness.


There are essential oils that are helpful in dealing with nerve damage. Examples of these include Roman Lavender and Chamomile which aid in increasing blood circulation in your body. They contain anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties which can aid in healing the nerve damage.


To use these essential oils, dilute a few drops in one carrier oil like olive oil then apply these oils on the affected area. This will help reduce the tingling and stinging pains caused by the nerve damage.


2.    Exercise And Quit Smoking

Exercising is another natural healing avenue for nerve damage in your feet. Exercising on a regular basis can aid in tackling the pain. Exercise keeps you active and this helps to minimize your blood sugar level which then helps to alleviate the nerve damage. Exercising boosts blood flow to your legs and this works great in reducing the feeling of discomfort and pain.


Along with exercising, eliminating certain destructive habits will help you naturally reverse the nerve damage on your feet. Habits such as smoking can be quite destructive to your body as it affects blood circulation.


Smoking causes your blood vessels to become narrow thus reducing the flow of oxygenated blood. The absence of proper blood circulation will result in increased pain and numbness caused by nerve damage. Cutting off bad smoking habits will help reverse the nerve damage on your feet.


3.    Increase Your Vitamin Supply

One of the causes of nerve damage is the lack of essential vitamins in the body. The deficiency of Vitamin B in the body can result in a high level of nerve damage. You can eat meals rich in Vitamin B to increase the supply of it.


Vitamin D is also essential in the prevention of nerve pain. When exposed to sunlight, your skin responds by producing Vitamin D. The deficiency of this vitamin will result in pain arising from the damage of the nerves. Getting exposure to sunlight on your feet will help your body produce Vitamin D which will in turn help in the reversal of the nerve damage.


4.    Use Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper has an element called capsaicin which is used as an ingredient for pain relief in tropical creams. It reduces the strength of pain that runs through the body. Adding cayenne pepper to your meals can help reverse nerve damage. Hot peppers contain capsaicin and will help a great deal when added to your food.


You can also use tropical capsaicin ointments on your body which will help reverse the nerve damage if used consistently over time.



Nerve damage can be reversed naturally with these methods. For more on neuropathy treatment, check out  

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