Taffymail – American snacks to your door

Do you ever get fed up of buying the same old snacks month after month? Because let’s face it, we all love the odd treat or snack now and again don’t we?

Snacks and treats from other countries always seem to taste so much better don’t they? And that’s probably because it’s something we haven’t tried before.

Well Taffymail is a great snack subscription box because it brings up to 20 individual treats from America each month. They offer a fair few plans depending on how many goodies you want.

I feel quite lucky to have been sent the Halloween themed box to try and got a whopping 18 snack items to try. Don’t worry I’m not eating all these by myself! If so I might have to visit one of these clinics.

The snacks are all full size and with a few of the options a can of American soda will also be included. I really loved the soda that came witg my box. It tasted something in between Dr Pepper and cherry coke and it’s not a drink I’ve ever heard of. My kids will enjoy most of the sweets and jelly items. The first thing I ate was the SKOR bar which was delicious and similar to a dime bar.

The prices start at Β£7.49 for the smaller (4-5 item) box. The premium (up to 20 items) costs Β£24.99 and then the medium box which is one I would consider subscribing to is Β£14.99 a month and brings with it 10-12 items including a can of soda.

I really enjoyed unboxing this one. I was quite surprised and happy with all the contents as were my children.

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