Would you work for free? Or for images? No!!!! So why should I???

I don’t often have a rant on my blog as I feel it can come across as unprofessional or not nice, but today, and just today that is going to change.

Let me tell you why!

I am a single mother. I have 3 children. I don’t have the luxury of family close by or many people to help. I am also self employed: yes peeps this is my job. Call it want you want – blogger, publisher, freelancer, vlogger etc! It’s what I do and I like it (most of the time). I’m not paid a lot but I usually manage. I pay council tax and other bills like the rest of you, and yes it’s a REAL JOB!!


I do not sit on my fat ass all day doing nothing. My day consists of writing posts, reviews, articles, taking god knows how many photographs, editing them, pitching, responding to emails, chasing payments, book keeping, website editing, attending events and much more. It does not stop at 5pm or when my kids come home either. I cannot count the amount of times my kids have got upset with me because I’m spending more time at a screen than focusing on them. But I have to put food on the table and clothes on their backs, spending money, and the little luxuries such as the occasional holiday. I also have to pay for my domain and web hosting site as do most other bloggers.

I often review many toys and other products in return for a post/article. I’ve done this for a long time and will continue to do so if it’s a product/brand that we will use or feel it beneficial to continue to work with.

The problem is – certain brands/companies , like those who are officially one of the richest in the world; approaching me and asking to work with me and then telling me they have no budget to pay me. Not only that, they also have no products to offer either, despite having thousands on their website. Instead what they offered me (and many others previously before them) was hi-res images. Yes that’s correct a multi million pound company offering me a few emailed images as payment! Would they work for a few images and NO PAY? Would they hell. So why should I? Would any of you reading this work for images? I highly doubt it.

So Amazon, yes you! Please do not insult me or others by telling me you have no budget. It is both insulting and a waste of minutes reading your email. I would love the bosses at Amazon to try and work in return for images and nothing else!

hmm I don’t see my name on this list! Maybe I should ask Amazon to work for me and I’ll send them some lovely hi-res images. Unlike them, I really don’t have a budget to pay them!


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