NMNL Japanese beauty box

NMNL stands for Nomakenolife and it’s a monthly subscription box containing Japanese beauty items, and so a little different to the usual treat and snack boxes that I have had previously.

It seems to be a sister company or part of the same company as the well known snack box Tokyo treat.

They deliver worldwide with just one size box. The box will contain between 5-7 items per month and costs $29.99.

I did enjoy unboxing this box. I do love my beauty treats. I sort of expected some sort of face mask, the Argan oil treatment is lovely, as is the perfume stick and really unusual. I have not got round to using the brush styling sheets yet which are certainly a little strange to me.

I’m not really sure in terms of value, if this particular box contents are really worth the monthly fee. I think I’d have to try a few boxes to see the full value.

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