Rainy day Activities that your kids will love

Autumn is fast approaching, and you can feel it in the air already, despite the last vestiges of summer being present right now. The one thing that autumn tends to bring is a lot of rain, a chill in the air and the nights closing in a lot quicker, which means that outdoor activities start to dwindle. The problem with a lack of outdoor activities is that the children get antsy. They start to get restless, and restless children aren’t those who can sit still. Instead, they’ll start to bicker, and fight and they get under each other’s skin. So, as a parent, it’s your job to keep them as busy as possible so that this won’t happen.

There’s nothing worse than the cry of boredom on a rainy day, especially if you’re unprepared for it. However, with the list below, you can keep a note of all the activities that you could be doing when the heavens open.

  • Get Outside. Okay, so we’re talking rainy day activities when the kids are stuck indoors, but they don’t have to be stuck indoors! Get rain boots on along with raincoats or ponchos and get outside. It may be raining, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun; not when there are puddles to splash in! While you’re out there, you can start to measure how much rain is out there. Use a ruler and different measuring tubs; a cup, a flower pot, the curb on the side of the road. If you want to truly get mucky, head to the soil and make mud pies! Dig for worms and find snails; being outside in the rain can be every bit as fun as being out in the sunshine.
  • Screen Time. Sometimes, it’s not just the rain, it’s the cold. And the cold means the fun outside activities just aren’t possible. Screen time can be a great option for an hour or so to prevent the bickering and instead, have a little quiet time. Of course, it’s standard that you’ll be keeping an eye on what your children are watching, from YouTube videos to an addictive Final Fantasy mobile game. Monitoring what they’re playing is just good parenting, and it gives you a chance to get some housework and meal prepping done!
  • Arts & Crafts. Being inside doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Get out all the paints, pens, chalks and glitter in the house and choose something to make. You could make your art project a rain-themed one, or you could try to enjoy making an ocean theme with sequinned fish. Either way, making is a great way to keep the kids occupied – even the bigger ones.
  • Get DoughyThis excellent cloud dough recipe can keep the children busy for hours on end! You could also use this salt dough recipe and make house decorations and one dried, paint them all as a family.
  • Rainy days no longer have to mean boring when you have these ideas to choose from!

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