Is it time to re-decorate?

Is it time to redecorate your home space? You can only know if you ask yourself a set of important questions. But what questions are these? Well, do you feel comfortable in your home space? Do you feel bored there? Do you feel as though it could use some further improvement, or that so far, you haven’t quite implemented the taste which you had hoped to initially. I can certainly answer yes to the majority of these questions.

If you have said ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it might be time to redecorate youre home. Or it may be that you know you just want to. Sometimes, you’ve just got to fulfill your interests and urges, especially when it comes to remaining comfortable and happy in your home life.

But how should you redecorate? Do you know where to start or what to do? Should it be a large, mammoth undertaking, or could you take it slowly step by step? If you’re feeling confused as to where to begin, there are a few large and small tasks you can fulfill to help a room take on a new light, or for your entire home to feel different.

Here are a few tips to help you tackle large or small issues, and to begin redecorating with pride:

Rooms Feeling Dark

Do certain rooms feel dark, even in the middle of summer? This might not be easy to notice until the sun is set but it can still feel dull. In this case, there might be many issues causing the problem to begin with, and many solutions might help you. It could be that cheap custom blinds for a window can help you let more sunlight in, while still allowing for privacy and comfort. It might be that the walls in certain rooms need a better or lighter shade of paint. Your teenage son might have insisted on a navy blue paint job for his bedroom, but now he’s flown the nest and you situate your office there, you might consider painting a light shade of off-white.

In some rooms, paint or window decoration may be the cause. You may need to improve the lighting. Strip lighting behind a television, or along a mirror can help. If rooms don’t already a mirror in the first place, then bring one in, as this helps to reflect and bounce light around a room, especially in the hard to reach areas. If worst comes to worst, you might consider shifting the entire utility of a room around. For example, it might be that a guest bedroom suffers less from dim lighting during the day, as any guests will likely be socializing with the house or outside of it throughout most of the day.

Shifting Tastes & Maturity

All of our tastes will change sooner or later. You might have noticed they have already since you moved into a property. Could it be that your textured paint job in your living room is now starting to feel very nineties and that you’d do anything to be rid of it? I have been in my current house for just 4 years and have already decorated my living room twice. That jazzy wallpaper in the office or the patterns in the bedroom , now only serves to distract you from your work and curse you with a headache?

When it comes to kids bedrooms, right from the start it was a big no no on themed wallpaper (my little pony, princesses etc) as they grow out of it too quickly. Many of my friends kids did just that and are now having to redecorate to accommodate their older child’s tastes.

Consider the rooms in your house, and consider them by your current tastes, not the tastes you might have considered a few years ago. This might help you update a room, and help you feel more comfortable there. This could last you for another five or ten years. Consider the way you’d like your room to look, and have no shame in making it that way.


Obviously, technology is becoming part of our lives more and more each year. Soon, smart appliances will control the majority of homes and we’ll be controlling almost all elements of our kitchen with a handy smartphone app. While some of this utility is now here, you can be sure that added technological considerations will become the norm in years to come. This is an excellent thing to look forward to, but it might also mess with your decoration. For example, it could be that your rustic home  now seems in conflict with all of the modern goods you have purchased, and it might be worth renovating a little to help the space seem more cohesive. This might mean lessening the antiques or reupholstering them to seem new and a little more updated with the times. Of course, there are some items with which this should work phenomenally, and some which might be ruined because of it.

Either way, sometimes updating your home for modernity can help it feel more comfortable for the future and updated. Sometimes feeling this way can help us feel more comfortable in our homes because feeling lost in time is not always a good feeling. Remember that our environment influences us much more than we know, and in this circumstance, change can most likely be a good thing.

Indulgence & Personality

Of course, sometimes redecorating in a way that means something to you is harmed by trying to make everything clean, modern and minimal. Sometimes you need to indulge your questionable tastes and allow the home space to feel more personal to you and your life story. If you own the home, you have absolutely every right to do this. This means implant your own tastes and decorations. Perhaps having a family mural painted in your main room, or it might mean being as indulgent as having a ten-foot oil painting of yourself be the first thing that greets a newcomer to the hall.

Sometimes your home needs to reflect what makes you & what makes you happy. It might be celebrating your family, your life story, your career, what you are known for etc. Why pay an artist to line the walls with custom artwork when you have been dabbling in painting for the last few years after all?

With these simple perspectives, tips and guides, knowing its time to redecorate and beginning to make changes will not be as hard as first thought after all.


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