Angela Langford – A little lift

No one enjoys the signs of ageing, especially not on the face. Wrinkles, dryness, crows feet are all signs of aging skin; but luckily there are many products around to help which cost less than surgery. Products such as A little lift by Angela Langford.

Containing a blend of natural active ingredients such as frankincense, Argan, pumpkin seed & hyaluronic acid mixed with electric daisies. This serum cools down my skin whilst also leaving it soft, but of course that’s not all. It also works as a skin plumper and firmer and with regular daily use can reduce lines and wrinkles.

The reviews for this product are fabulous and I totally agree with them. It’s a great little product which I use twice daily, morning and just before bed. It does have a rather strange but natural aroma which is probably just a blend of all the ingredients together. As for the results, it has made my skin feel a little different and I still look much younger than my grand old age of 41.

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