Razors by Dorco subscription

There seems to be no end to the amount of variety that subscription boxes bring with them. The monthly box by Dorco is all about razors. I was thinking of doing this as a Father’s Day type post as the subscription would make a great gift…..but……it’s but just the men who use razors and it’s not just the men who would benefit using this.

Dorco provide razors and replacement blades for both male and female use and the cost is extremely low.

This is the Dorco Eve for females and this is the first box that’s sent out. The razor handle is actually free. It’s the replacement blades that you pay for.

You can choose your own subscription package based on how often you shave. This can be every month or every 2/3 months. Each box delivery costing just Β£5.45 and brings with it 4 replacement boxed blades.

The men’s subscription works exactly the same way but there are a few extra choices of blade handles and some of them at slightly lower price per box.

I have the men’s razor too as my 14 year old is growing facial hair and so will need to use one very soon.

I think the subscription will catch on as almost every man and woman uses a easier at some point. The price is also really low compared to buying the blades in store.


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