Philip Kingsley Trichotherapy

Due to years of bleaching, colouring, straightening and hair extensions my hair has turned from thick and luscious to thin and easily breaking. This Trichotherapy set by Philip Kingsley is a 3 piece hair care set for people just like me. When used correctly with a healthy lifestyle and diet it can create thicker and fuller hair.

This set does not cheap tho. The full set costs Β£120 with individual products starting at Β£35.00 each. Therefore it’s only right to expect good results if paying this much.

Step one is the protein spray which also acts as a detangler, blow dry and heat defence spray. So it’s quite a good multi use hair product to have. This one is the cheapest individual product of the three costing Β£35.00 if bought separately.

Step 2 is the Tricho 7 scalp treatment. Apply this one to the scalp and hair roots to encourage hair growth. It’s a dropper application and both bottles ate glass not plastic. This alone costs Β£50.00.

Step 3 is the hair nutrition formula. These don’t go on the hair as such but are nutritional tablets that can be taken twice daily. They contain vitamins and minerals to encourage hair growth. Alone these cost Β£45.00.

The treatment set is an ongoing regime rather than a one use set and works best with a healthy diet and good lifestyle. I have noticed small results since using. Mainly better thickness and much less breakage.

I’m not really sure that I’d normally be able to afford the Β£120 price tag but it’s much less than most clinical hair procedures.

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