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It’s Summer, and everyone wants to be outside. Most children, and even some adults dream of having a huge trampoline in their garden. We have a small one with a handle but are looking to upgrade. Trampolines come in all shapes and sizes to suit most budgets. From under Β£100 to the thousands, finding the right trampoline can be tricky.

When deciding to buy a trampoline, there are a few things to take into consideration.

β€’ Garden space – you need to make sure that your chosen trampoline will fit in your garden space. This includes ground space and height. Ensure there are no washing lines in the way. Trampolines need to be installed on a soft area, preferably grass for safety reasons.

β€’ Weight limits – like any product trampolines come with weight limits. Work out how many people are likely to be using the product on a regular basis. Trampolines can last for years so take into account growing children.

β€’ Safety – Garden trampolines need enclosures or safety netting to prevent falls. They also need anchors to secure them into the ground. Also how many people will be using the trampoline at once, check maximum user information. Make sure the product had adequate padding and no gaps in the enclosure.

β€’ Maintenance – Trampolines are by no means easy to put up, many require nuts and bolts and pulling extremely tight bungee cords. The bigger the trampoline, the more work involved. Once assembled the last thing you want to consider is extra work on top. Make sure spare parts are easy to come by and the trampoline padding is protected from sun fading.

Trampolines online is a trampoline paradise with all sorts of trampolines and accessories available. Round, rectangular, oval and in ground trampolines are all on their website. They even offer a nationwide home installation service. For an extra charge they will build your trampoline and place it in your chosen location. This guarantees the trampolines will be correctly assembled and means you don’t have to do any of the hard work. They also offer free delivery on all trampolines.

Their Telstar elite trampolines are available up to a massive 15x15ft. These are new models in the Telstar range.

60mm thick steel, the thickest steel on any trampoline in the UK makes these trampolines extras sturdy. The unique square framework and spring layout gives the user a huge bouncing area with FIVE ‘sweet spots’ for energetic bouncing.

Safety is priority with these models – The net is sewn into the bounce mat meaning there is absolutely no gap between the net and the springs. The design of this model means the safety enclosure poles and netting can be removed and the trampoline can be covered. This will prolong the life of the safety enclosure netting and keep the trampoline free from grime.

The Telstar elite products all come with a cover, ladders and included installation at no extra cost. The smallest measures 7.5x10ft and prices start at Β£329.00.

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