Beginning national sandwich week with the Num Noms

This week is National Sandwich week. I have no idea who came up with that or why it is but that’s what it is. The recent weather has made it perfect for eating sandwiches in the sun, as well as bbqs.

We eat a lot of sandwiches in our house and so as you can imagine we go through a whole load of bread. I do find less is more when it comes to making sandwiches, and the smaller the bread, the more likely my kids are to eat it all.

To help us celebrate we have lots more Num Noms. Love them or hate them, but I think these cute little rubbery things are going to be around for some time to come yet.

As you can see by our cute pile of goodies; it’s not just the smelly figures anymore. Num Noms are everywhere, packed lunch boxes , and even have their very own magazine packed full of Num nom bits.

I was pleased to find some cookie cutters which are also very useful for cutting sandwiches into all sorts of fun shapes too.

These are some simple yet small, peanut and banana sandwiches decorated with Num Noms on top.

Chocolate spread!

And tuna with cucumber to celebrate the royal wedding too!

Izebella absolutely loves her new Num Noms lunch box too and will be proudly taking it to school to show all her friends.

Buy Num Nom packs and accessories from most good toy stores.

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