Skin tightening laser treatment

Wrinkles and saggy skin are an unfortunate fact of ageing. There are many ways to treat saggy and wrinkled skin including various creams, treatments and of course Botox. One of the better options is by using lasers.

There are many different kinds of laser treatments out there , and you have to figure out which one is best for you. Some laser treatments are more invasive than others, and some also produce faster results than others. One possible form of laser treatment to try is an infrared laser procedure.

Infrared Versus Other Laser Treatments

Some types of laser treatments directly impact either just the top layer of your skin or multiple layers, including the surface. If you have specific surface blemishes to treat then such treatments make sense, even though they can leave you temporarily open to infection risks. However, in the case of skin tightening concerns, what your skin is probably lacking is a sufficient supply of collagen. Collagen is a substance that helps to keep skin cells tightly in place. You don’t need a surface laser treatment to get your body to make more collagen on its own.

Infrared is a special type of laser treatment. Skincare clinicians have used medical lasers on the infrared spectrum in recent years to target lower skin layers while leaving patients’ outer layers untouched. The fact that infrared treatment presents fewer infection risks is one major reason so many people choose it. Another is that, like other laser treatments, it doesn’t require overnight hospitalization like surgery can. The expenses associated with infrared treatment, while often ample, are also far lower than those associated with skin tightening surgery.

Other Ways Infrared Lasers Are Safer Than Alternatives

Infrared laser treatments are milder and less invasive than many other skin tightening options, including ablative laser treatments. Some types of procedures used to tighten or revitalize your skin, such as chemical peels, can cause irritations on your skin’s surface. Infrared treatments completely bypass the surface performing the task at hand without the potential for harsh side effects. That task is getting your body to start its own internal cellular healing process.

The Infrared Laser Treatment Process

If you decide to have infrared laser treatment you should know what to expect during your appointment. Your clinician will use infrared laser light pulses to perform targeted treatments on the parts of your body where you have loose skin or wrinkles. The procedure will help the collagen that already exists in your cells to pull closer together, much like pulling a string to close curtains or pull fabric together when sewing. The specific form of light used in the infrared treatment can also cause cellular disruptions that are just large enough to get your body to make more collagen. Therefore, your skin cells will be strengthened over time. However, it will take a while for the results of your internal collagen increase to show.

Infrared Laser Treatment Preparation

Infrared laser treatment requires some preparation. Begin by choosing a clinic with a good reputation. Then you can start preparing financially because such procedures are elective, meaning that your insurance policy probably will not cover them. Talk to the staff at your chosen clinic to determine what the costs involved will be. Then prepare mentally by understanding that lasers do not immediately zap wrinkles away and infrared treatments are often done in phases over several weeks. Finally, prepare physically for your appointment by keeping your skin free of perfumes and chemicals on the day of each infrared laser treatment. Any extra oils, chemicals or foreign materials added to your skin, such as perfume, can cause burns when the laser beam comes in contact with them.

Laser treatment is something that I would consider in the future.

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