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After a tiring day of school runs, work, housework and the everyday stresses that life brings; there is nothing better than a nice relaxing soak in a hot bath to unwind and de-stress.

For us ladies, a plain old bath full of just water, is never enough. We love our little pamper treats and things that smell great. We all have our favourites and for me that is bath bombs. I love watching them fizz down to nothing in the bath whilst the water changes colour and I love the fragrances too.

Bubbles Bath Bombs is based near York but sell their products online. Owner Kath makes her bath bombs by hand using natural and organic ingredients. This is important to me as I have a daughter with very sensitive skin which can flair up with spots at any time. Therefore I have to be careful what she uses when bathing. Kath was also an eczema sufferer when younger and so makes sure her products are kind to all age groups skin.

The bath bombs are created with a vast variety of scents and shapes and include many variations such as creamers, melts and blasters.

The current trend with both young and old girls alike seems to be unicorns. I’m a Bic fan myself, as are my girls. Bubble Bath bombs have caught onto this trend and even have special unicorn bath bombs like these.

This is the Parma violet unicorn bomb which costs Β£4.00. I think the unicorn detail is lovely. Parma violets also being one of my favourite fragrances and reminding me both of those little purple sweets and violet perfume which is incredibly difficult to come by these days.

Here is another unicorn bath bomb. This is the mystical unicorn with hearts design.

The unicorns head sits on top of a topping of cocoa butter and we all know just how good and gentle that can be for our skin. This again is made with the Parma violet fragrance and a special love spell fragrance.

There are many bath bombs themed around children such as some of the unicorns and even Harry Potter designs. Some of them however are certainly designed with mummy’s just like me in mind. Just like this Prosecco & strawberry delight.

Notes of strawberry combined with lots of fizz. The hearts will come off and float around the bath tub like petals. Imagine a glass of Prosecco in a hot bath with one of these fizzing away? Just lush and this one is only Β£2.99 too.

These are just a small handful of bath bombs available. They all make lovely gifts as the majority of us ladies and even young girls absolutely love our bath bombs. You can view the full range over at Bubbles bath bombsThey have an amazingly vast selection all made with sensitive skin in mind, and I find their prices low in comparison to other brands.

The bath bombs and treats are also sold at various craft fairs around the York area and at Scarborough food market (weather permitting).

Also find them over on their Facebook page too.

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