Glam & Style chopstick styler

With three females in this house, it’s no surprise that we all love new hair gadgets. We already own multiple hair dryers and straightening irons between us which are all regularly used. And now have this gadget to add to our appliances too.

This is a chopstick styler from Glam & Style who’s products including this one can be purchased via Amazon.
It’s called a chopstick styler due to its long thin tube appearance. This is a heated hair product and it does get very hot fast. It heats up to 200C within just two minutes so yes watch the fingers and little ones when using this.
The chopstick styler is used to curl hair and can create a variety of different curls and waves include tight ringlets.
Using it easy pretty straightforward. Plug in, switch on, wait for it to heat up and then style. Take a piece of hair and wrap it around the rod carefully, taking extra care close to the scalp and fingers again. The hair does not need leaving on the rod for long, a few seconds is enough to create the curls as I found out by testing it on my own hair first.

The styler was on for about 2 seconds to create the curl you see here. I find the less hair you use, the tighter the curls, more hair at a time produces a looser curl of wave. For a full head of curls, simply repeat the process with all the hair, it can be time consuming with thick or long hair but the results are instant and can look really good.
The curls last for ages too. I had to wash my hair to get it back to being straightish again so it’s a good tool for nights out and special occasions that need curls. Even Jordanna who already has thick curly hair wanted me to make tighter curls so she could be Annie for world book day.
It’s safe on surfaces too as the stand that holds the rod prevents the rod coming into contact with the surface when placed down. As the hair is not on the rod for long, it means less heat damage too, tho it’s still a goof idea to use some sort of heat protection product.

And the best thing is that this product only costs Β£24.99 on Amazon which also includes free UK delivery.

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